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How To Make The Best Use of Moving Companies for Your Move

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If you are moving, we recommend taking the time to hire moving companies and make the most out of the assistance they offer. As one, we know that our customers are far happier and less stressed after moving with our assistance. We are a full-service company that puts the needs of our clients first.

To find out more about our company, give us a call. In the meantime, here is how to make the most out of your choice to hire a moving company.

#1. Get planning advice

For a move to be low stress, there needs to be an incredible amount of planning. This may seem challenging for anyone who has not moved before or is not a professional like ourselves. We know what takes place with all types of moves. It does not matter if the move is in town or across the country.

A move will be stressful and chaotic if a good solid plan is set from the start. Using the tools, resources, and experience of a moving company will help everything run smoothly.

#2. Have them do the packing

Homeowners often spend months packing up their home in anticipation of a move. Packing is exhausting and incredibly stressful, especially when combined with the other tasks such as enrolling children in a new school or getting cars licensed in a new state.

It is far better to unload some of the burdens; the biggest burden is very often packing up one's home. Moving companies can handle all the packing of the house and label boxes appropriately to ensure that it is easy to sort and unload on the other side. They can even safely pack breakable items.

#3. Ask them to load the truck

Professionals can load the truck much faster than a homeowner typically can and also do it safely. Considering the level of experience that they have, this saves time and energy. A moving company can also disassemble furniture to make it easier to move out of the house while putting it back together on the other side.

#4. They can drive the truck

Have a company drive the truck. Without experience driving something so large it can be stressful maneuvering a moving truck throughout the city or on a long-distance drive. Let the professionals handle this and instead, drive the family vehicles. This is more comfortable and relaxing, plus it will save on the cost of transporting the family car or SUV.

#5. Moving companies can unload

Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. Moving companies can unload the entire truck which will prevent potential injuries or strain as objects like couches and dining room tables are moved out of the truck and into the new home. Plus, it makes it possible to work on organization rather than the brute force labor required to move furniture.

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Our moving companies are professional and we can provide a level of assistance that makes it far easier to get into your new home. Call today to learn how.

5 Tips for Picking Quality Movers

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If you are considering making a big move, hiring quality movers will make the process far easier. Given how stressful a move can be either across the country or town, having help will make it possible to remain calm throughout this new adventure. The trick is finding the right mover to help with the process.

Once you have the correct team in place, the process of moving becomes far more relaxing. Here are 5 tips for picking quality movers:

#1. Hire a licensed company

Plenty of people will offer moving services on the side to pick up extra cash. One may see ads on Craigslist or online from various people offering assistance at an hourly rate. These contractors may or may not do a good job. Since they are not licensed, insured, or have an actual business, there is no way to know what type of job an unknown mover will do.

With nothing to lose, they can be careless with one's belongings and can lose items that the homeowner cannot recover. This is a risk one does not have to take by using a licensed and insured company. Their license and reputation are on the line if they fail to meet common business standards, creating a sort of guarantee regarding the quality one will receive.

#2. Check their experience

A company that has been in business for a decent amount of time or has completed numerous moves, has the experience necessary to do a good job moving you. If a company cannot provide information about their experience, this should be a red flag.

#3. Read reviews

Check the reviews online to see what type of reputation a moving company has. If the reviews are mixed, go ahead and ask the company about anything that is negative. You may find out that something that bothered someone has been fixed or that it might not be an issue for your particular situation.

Overall, online reviews can give a basic understanding of what a company is like to work with.

#4. Determine what services they offer

For a company to be quality movers they not only need to do a good job but they also need to provide the services you require. Some moving companies simply drive the truck across town or across the country. Others will box up your entire home, load everything into the truck and unload at the next location.

Determine what level of moving assistance you require and when speaking with a company, ask if they offer those services.

#5. Check prices

The lowest bid is not always the best. Compare prices and determine if you are getting a good value for the services being offered. Quality movers are unlikely to undercut their prices but should be giving you a fair bid. Any bid should be in writing and a reputable company will welcome questions, expand on anything as needed and work with you to arrive at a service/cost arrangement that is fair.

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Make your move even easier by calling and discussing your needs. We can provide you with a bid to consider and provide the highest quality moving services around.

5 Reasons to Hire Norcross Movers

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Hiring Norcross movers to help with your next move is going to save a lot of time and a lot of stress. There are a million reasons why people move. Many of our clients move because of work opportunities, school, relocation to a different climate or relocation due to military responsibilities. In all of these situations, we can assist by handling the move so that our clients do not have to worry about the stress.

We understand the process

We help alleviate the stress of packing and sorting in addition to finding a new place to live. We understand that this process is even more complex when a family has children. Plus, when a family has to move things like their vehicles in addition to the belongings inside of the home, it becomes a further issue.

The homeowners have to assign certain people to drive the vehicles while other people drive the moving truck. All of this can be incredibly complex and we can ease the burden by handling it for you.

5 reasons to hire Norcross movers

#1. We can pack up the house

Packing is one of the things that most people despise about moving. It can take a long time to complete the process and it is incredibly cumbersome. People also find it difficult to pack while working five days a week and balance a busy schedule. By packing up the entire house, we can make it far easier for everyone involved.

#2. Our team is excellent with organization

When a move is well-organized, it becomes a far easier process. This is because it takes quite a bit of time to unpack a house just like it can take even more time to pack a house. When we come in and label all of the boxes, it suddenly becomes far easier for someone to handle the move.

That is our goal - to be as organized as possible in order to make moving as simple as possible.

#3. Furniture

Breaking down furniture takes time and moving it into the truck requires a bit of muscle. We handle everything to do with the furniture so that our clients do not have to. This means no concerns over moving bulky mattresses or heavy couches.

#4. We drive the truck

Large moving trucks are not easy to operate. We understand this and can drive the truck on behalf of our clients. It is far easier to arrange a move when the moving truck is being driven by someone else and the personal vehicles are driven by the homeowner.

#5. We can unload everything at the new house

After arriving at a new home, most people are not in the mood to start unpacking. We handle the unpacking and can make sure that each box and piece of furniture ends up in the correct room. This makes it possible to walk into a new home, sit down on the couch and order pizza, rather than spending the entire evening unloading.

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Whether moving across the country or across town, having a moving company handle everything for you will make the process convenient and less stressful. To book your move or to discuss pricing and service options, call our office today.

Relocation Services To Make Your Life Easier

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Moving can be far easier when using professional relocation services. We are here to make your move stress-free.

Why use relocation services?

There are many different reasons why people consider using relocation services when moving to a new address. For most people, moving is already a stressful activity. Due to dealing with a new location, new work, new schools and a new routine, moving can be much more difficult than some people believe. Many folks do not want to have to take the time and trouble of actually relocating all of their possessions.

Additionally, relocating is a lot of work. Not only does it involve big life changes, but it also involves having to pack up a complete house, only to unpack everything at the new home after. Without professional movers, there is a greater risk of breaking equipment, not meeting timelines and not knowing where to begin. In situations like this, it is far more advisable to simply use professional moving services.


One of the most common reasons why people state that they use our services is the convenience that it offers with the move. People who are relocating already have a great deal on their plate and not having to deal with moving their stuff is a burden that they are delighted to give up. The best way to think about it is to look at each scenario.

The first scenario

In the first scenario, the people relocating are going to have to pack all of their stuff, figure out the best way to protect their breakables, rent a truck, load all the stuff onto the truck, drive it all the way to the other location, unload the truck, unpack the stuff and then put it away.

This involves a great deal of meticulous planning and implementation.  All of this while also having the non-physical elements of the move.

The second scenario

In the second scenario, the same people could simply have a professional company do all of the work for them, while they only focus on moving the things most personal to them. Convenience is a critical reason to consider relocation by a professional moving company.


When it comes to relocating, there is a great deal of planning that goes into the process. This planning of the move splits into two even parts. There is the physical relocation, which involves moving all the stuff. And there is the actual relocation which involves planning life once the family has moved. On the physical element, it is far easier to simply have relocation services move all of the stuff for the family.

This allows them to focus on the second aspect of relocation which could involve things like finding new schools, meeting the neighbors, hooking up the cable and all of those tiny details that we all tend to take for granted in our everyday life. All of these need to be relocated to the new home and all of the services need to be canceled or changed at the old location. In other words, there is a lot of planning that goes into a move, outside of the actual physical relocation.

It is possible to remove the stress and effort required for the physical move so that your family can focus on planning the non-physical aspects of the move more effectively. To get help, give us a call. 

Differences Between Moving Companies

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Moving CompaniesWhen trying to decide between moving companies it helps to consider what types of companies are available to assist you and what services are offered by them. Since moving is such an important life event, hiring the right company to assist is important for a smooth move and transition to the new home. Here are the different types of companies and what tends to be offered by each.

Rental companies

Some companies simply provide the trucks or vans to facilitate the move. While there are a variety of rental rates, the person moving is responsible for everything. The only thing some rental companies provide is a vehicle to transport belongings.


Some companies provide services to help pack the house prior to the move. This can certainly be useful and there are specialists who deal with organization and de-cluttering to make it possible to move in a more efficient way. Some homeowners elect to hire these individuals to make the final unpacking easier.

Day laborers

For those who only need assistance in putting heavy furniture into a moving truck, day laborers can be very useful. People can hire day laborers online or even through a temp agency. The day laborers can work for a couple hours to help with things that are difficult to manage.

Transport only

Some moving companies handle the transportation of goods only. This is becoming a more popular model where a homeowner or renter packs everything into a large device and it is then put onto a semi truck for transportation. This allows for packing to be done slowly and at whatever pace the individual wants. Once the box is ready, the service picks it up and transports it to the new address.

Full-service moving companies

As a full-service company, we can handle every aspect of the move. We can visit a home or apartment and pack everything. With safe packing and proper labeling, it is far easier for homeowners to sort through belongings at the next destination. We can also disassemble furniture for easy transport and load everything into the moving truck. Our team can then drive the truck to the new destination whether that is in town or across the country.

Once there, we can unload the truck placing everything in the correct room and reassemble furniture as needed. This makes it possible to move without having to do any of the actual moving. Since we are a full-service company, we can also do any combination of these things for our clients. With so many options to choose from, clients can custom order the moving services they find most valuable.

Compare bids

When making a decision regarding how to move, it is wise to compare the different pricing options. When money is not an object, clearly hiring us as a full-service company is wise due to how convenient it is. However, most people don't realize that even hiring someone to just transport the goods can be an investment. This sometimes makes hiring a full-service company more affordable when considering the amount of time it saves. That time that could be spent at work earning money rather than taking time off unpaid or wasting valuable vacation days.

For help moving, call our office to discuss your needs and to get a bid.

Home Movers Can Help You to Plan Ahead

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Home MoversMoving is incredibly taxing, but as professional home movers, we can make it easier. For most people, the decision to move is not an easy one. It can take months or even years to find the right home or location. Finding the perfect home is only beginning. The move can be even more taxing and time-consuming than most people plan for. Having been on the side of coordinating moves for years, we know how to plan ahead to make the process far easier.

#1. Think about the timing

There is far more to timing a move than deciding what the move-in date is going to be. The individuals moving need to take steps prior to moving to prepare for the process. How long is this going to take? That depends on several factors including the size of the home. A home that is under a thousand square feet and only two bedrooms will take significantly less time to pack than a 5-bedroom, 3,000 square foot house.

It is wise to plan on the moving process taking an entire day to pack a room if the packing is being done by the homeowner. It takes much less time when we are involved because we bring in a crew that can pack all the rooms up at the same time and is usually done in one or two days.

#2. Get rid of what is unnecessary

When planning a move, taking the time to eliminate objects in the home that are unnecessary is wise. For example, is it really necessary to move a broken couch? is there a box of junk that no one has used in 10 years?These are questions that every homeowner needs to consider because moving unnecessary objects only transfers clutter from one home to the next and the more objects there are to move, the more expensive the move will be. This is an excellent time to start fresh by getting rid of old junk.

#3. Lifting furniture and boxes can be a concern

Many families use our services as home movers because of how difficult it is to move large and heavy objects. The dining room table, king size bed, dressers, mattresses, fireplaces, couches and more can be incredibly heavy and difficult to lift. Without a group of strong and experienced friends, moving can be nearly impossible. There is a risk of injury and it always takes longer than anticipated due to how difficult it is to move such heavy objects. Our crew does this every day, is highly trained and can move without an issue.

#4. Driving the truck

Driving the truck is more complicated than it seems, in part due to the size. It can be difficult for inexperienced drivers to navigate such a huge vehicle in and out of traffic or on a crowded city street. Also, there is the question of how personal vehicles will be transported to a new home if the homeowner is driving the moving truck. This creates an additional challenge and the need to enlist the help of friends or family. When they are not available for a long-distance move, it is far easier to hire home movers and drive personal vehicles yourself.

For help planning your move, call our office.

Professional Movers Can Get You to School

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professional-movers317Going to college for a BA, or to graduate school, may mean a move across the country. Going to the best possible school is often at the top of the list. If that school is out of state, moving may be the best option. The challenge is in finding a place to live while also moving in before the school year begins. For someone living in a furnished dorm room, this is relatively easy. Since grad students and Ph.D. candidates rarely live in a dorm, they will need to find a house or apartment that they furnish. Professional movers are the best people to help you move your belongings in an efficient time frame and keep them safe.

Size considerations

When moving for school, consider the size of the new space. If it is similar to the size of home or apartment the client currently lives at, we can transport all the furnishings and prevent the need to buy new ones at the new home. If it is smaller, it may be necessary to place some things in storage until school is complete.

Deciding what to move

Once it is clear what belongings we need to move, a professional moving company can visit the current home to pack everything up, load it in the truck and move the belongings to the new home. This is far easier than tackling the entire move without assistance. With the need to mentally and physically prepare for the school year, dealing with the hassle of moving can become a distraction that negatively influences school performance.

Imagine trying to mentally prepare for a semester at a new university while trying to struggle with packing belongings and loading a couch in a truck. Moving is a hassle which can be incredibly distracting and we can reduce the stress one may feel.

Benefits of working with professional movers

The main benefits to keep in mind are:

  • You do not have to pack. We can pack your belongings for you, including packing small objects and labeling the boxes.
  • Furniture is taken apart. If there are large pieces to move like dining room sets, beds, and side tables that come apart, we can disassemble the furniture for you. We will then put it back together at the new location for easy transportation.
  • The truck is loaded by someone else. Furniture and even boxes can be terribly heavy, making it possible to injure yourself if you are not experienced with moving. We can load up and empty the truck for you.
  • Professional movers can drive the truck. One of the biggest advantages is not having to drive the truck, freeing yourself up to drive your personal vehicle to your new home.
  • It is unloaded on the other side. Unpacking your belongings can take time, but it is far easier when someone else is unloading them. We can even place the furniture and boxes in the correct rooms.
  • Peace of mind. It is possible to take a load off and have peace of mind knowing that everything will get where it needs to go without doing it all.

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To discover how much better life is working with professional movers, call our office and get a quote for your next move.

Hiring the Best Movers for Your in Town Move

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best-movers317If you are moving within the same town or even neighborhood, you may not be considering hiring the best movers to assist you. In fact, you may not consider hiring movers at all. With a new home so close by, it is easy to think that there will be little difficulty in moving into the new home. Some people are so confident in this that they spread the move out over a week or longer, handling everything on their own. The main issue is that trying to move without professional assistance only leads to wasting more time on the first phase of the move and an increase in hassle.

Moving in town is still moving

It does not matter if you are moving several blocks or 30 miles, a move is still a move and there is a lot to do in preparation. Moving requires a significant amount of time being spent on tasks that include:

  • Decluttering to avoid moving anything unnecessary
  • Cleaning the entire home
  • Last minute lawn maintenance
  • Packing
  • Breaking down furniture
  • Wrapping up breakables and carefully packing art

These are crucial tasks of moving regardless of the new home's location. In fact, these tasks do not become easier during a move within the neighborhood. The work remains the same and it is best to seek professional assistance to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Everything must be packed

Hiring the best movers is one way to avoid the drudgery of packing. Someone else can handle this aspect and make life a little easier in the process. We have many clients who hire us to handle the entire move, which includes boxing everything up, ensuring the boxes are labeled according to the room they belong in and then transporting the boxes. From dishes to clothing, our team can complete all the pre-move packing.

Moving day made easy

Another common mistake made by moving families is to assume that since the move is happening in town, family and friends will be available to assist. Sometimes this works out according to plan but there are challenges to this theory.

  • Most people are busy with their own lives
  • No one likes to move
  • Being willing to help is not the same as being physically capable of doing so

As a result, relying on friends and family can often result on waiting around for them to show up or deal with chaos when they do. Moving day can become incredibly stressful when depending on the good graces of other people to lend a helping hand. By hiring a moving company, families can be confident of when help will arrive and of exactly what will be done on their behalf.

Additionally, even when friends and family do help with moving everything out of one house and into the truck, they may not have time to stick around and unload at the next location. There is simply no guarantee of the help that will be received, regardless of how good the intentions are unless a professional moving team is hired.

Take out the guess work

Make moving easier on yourself by hiring the best movers to get you packed up, transported, and moved into your new home. Call us today for a quote.

What Interstate Moving Companies Can Do for You

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Do not move out of state without the help of interstate moving companies. Your family will appreciate how easy the move can be and you can enjoy moving with less stress for the family.

Here is what interstate moving companies can do to help a move go smoothly:

Pack everything

No one enjoys packing. It is tedious and takes far too much time. Plus, there is the need to buy the right size boxes, stack everything neatly, wrap sensitive objects and label the boxes. When combined with other tasks necessary for the move, this is a hassle that many people simply do not have time for. Fortunately, our moving company does.

Organize belongings

To ensure that everything ends up in the right room at the new house, each box will be appropriately labeled for easier unloading and organization.

Furniture disassembly

Taking apart the furniture can be a lot of work but often necessary for fitting everything into the truck. You can do it yourself or have a moving company do this as part of the services offered.

Load the truck

You can save your back and your friendships by having interstate moving companies load the truck for you. No more heavy lifting and begging friends to stop by to help. Everything can be put in the truck for you, neatly stacked and secured without you lifting a finger.

Drive the truck

Have you considered how you will get a truck with your furniture, pots and pans to your new home while also transporting your vehicles and family? If you have more than one vehicle it may be impossible unless you either work with a moving company or beg your friends to make the trip with you. Hiring a moving company to get the truck and your belongings to your new home is far easier.

Unload everything

Arrive at your new home, walk in the door and sit on your couch when everything is unloaded for you. Interstate moving companies can take care of this aspect of the move so that you have far less work. Unloading can include building furniture and placing it in the correct locations and even unpacking your boxes. It cannot get any easier than that!

Comparing your options

When considering if you should hire interstate moving companies or do it yourself, think about how much you have on your plate. If your schedule is busy looking for a new job or working on a job you have already been hired for, it is unlikely that you are going to have the bandwidth to move. Simultaneously, if you are moving with children, they will have needs that must be attended to. The more stressed out you are, the more likely it is that they will experience a sense of insecurity and stress from the process.

By hiring a company to take care of the physical aspects of the move, you can focus on your other obligations such as your family, work, housing needs, etc. These are the things that are going to make a difference to your life in the long term whereas hauling boxes around the country will not.

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Make your move and your life easier by calling our office and discussing your next move. We can handle it all for you.

Avoid Stress During a Corporate Relocation by Working with a Professional Moving Company

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A corporate relocation can be extremely stressful for the management, the staff and even for customers of said business. For employees and employers, the idea of a corporate relocation can fill them with dread. 

Putting off a corporate relocation 

A recent study by E.ON shows that three-quarters of small and medium-sized businesses find the idea of moving their corporate location so stressful that they will put off or cancel the process altogether. The study also finds that 78 percent of managers choose to stay in a cramped or inefficient building rather than dealing with the stress of a corporate relocation.

The good news is that there are ways to make a successful office move and avoid dealing with a great deal of stress. One of the most important things that a company can do is break down all of the moving parts into bite-sized and checklist tasks that the employer can allocate and distribute among the staff.

Hire a professional corporate relocation specialist 

Corporate relocation companies have the expertise and advice that can make the move far easier. Proper professional assistance is crucial when making a large corporate move that involves an entire office, warehouse or mixed-use complex relocating to a different building. When hiring a trusted moving company, it is an investment in safeguarding the company from the critical mistakes that are far too easy to make by moving without professional assistance. Using a corporate relocation professional company ensures that all equipment is safely transported to the new location and gives clients access to experienced professionals who can guide you through every stage of the process which can further reduce stress.

Floor plans and collaboration 

A simple way to avoid the confusion that often accompanies a corporate relocation is to draw up a comprehensive floor plan. By assigning team members their new desks in advance, you will ensure that the team knows exactly where they are going and can deal with unpacking their own individual items.

By the same token, it is also important to ensure that staff is well briefed as the corporate relocation is planned. Involving the staff in the process, keeping them informed of the plans and clearly communicating expectations with the staff during the move can help avoid any potential disruptions. Remember, this is a team that is used to working together and by collaborating, the corporate relocation can be far less stressful for the team that is moving.

Plan in advance 

Make a plan, hire a professional, and stick with the plan as you go through the corporate relocation process. It is always helpful to discuss your plans with our company. As a moving professional, we can help tweak and improve your plans so that when moving day does arrive you are completely ready to go and not dealing with small, but pesky, problems that could create undue stress.