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Office Movers Can Coordinate with Tech Support

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As office movers, we can help our clients make a smooth transition to a new office location. Other times, we can get emergency calls from companies who are in need of desperate help after a failed attempt to handle everything on their own. We recommend that you call us from the very beginning so that we can help your move to go smoothly.

The Biggest Problem with Moving Your Office

Downtime and a loss of productivity are typically the biggest problems with an office move. If a move is not coordinated properly, you can lose days and even weeks of productivity as your employees have spent time packing, moving, and then searching for everything at the new location. When you combine this with a lack of internet or utilities or waiting on tech support, it can become incredibly cumbersome and difficult for your team to do their job. This can result in your customers waiting for help and customers not receiving the support that they require in order to continue working with your company. Avoiding this risk is wise and we are here to help to make sure that your move goes smoothly.

One of the ways that we can assist you is to coordinate and prepare for your tech support. While we will not be the one to set everything up with them, what we can do is work hand-in-hand with them to ensure that everything is in place so that when they come to hook up the computers, set up the printers, and connect the phone systems, they have the ability to walk in and look at everything that they need. This can save you a critical amount of time. Considering how costly it is to hire tech support, you certainly do not want them waiting around for boxes to be unpacked.

We can visit your current office and create a plan with you for how to handle the move. We can then pack up office by office. This means putting everything in boxes including personal items, phones, and computers, etc. By appropriately labeling everything, we can then move those boxes and items into the correct offices at your new location. If you have a map and can label it in regards to which employee goes where that would certainly be of assistance. By the time that tech support arrives, we can have the desks put back together, the computers on the desks and the phone systems there as well.

This will allow tech support to walk in and begin immediately to wire everything and connect your devices to the server they are setting up for you. Your employees will be able to walk in the next morning or day after and begin to take and make phone calls, work on their computers, print documents, etc. They will be able to focus on your customers and doing their jobs instead of scrambling to put things together.

Call for Help

We are professional office movers and can assist you with all of your moving needs.

Moving Companies for Out-of-State Relocation

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If you are relocating out-of-state, then hiring moving companies to transport your belongings is the easiest way to make the transition.  In today's economy, it is common for people to move for work. The economy has rebounded to the point where there are more jobs, but they are not necessarily in your own backyard. Thus, families may have to move in order to receive higher paying jobs or to take advantage of advancement opportunities. Moves due to new positions in the workplace are not typically made without careful thought, planning, and consideration.

Once you make that decision, you may still feel a little apprehensive. We aim to make the process as easy as possible for you by taking care of all your belongings. After all, you have a major transition on your hands and the last thing you need to do is worry about how to transport your dining room. Upon deciding to move, we encourage you to call our office and talk to us about the plans. While it is better for us to know as far in advance as possible, we can still help in the event of a sudden move.

Moving Companies Handle Everything

To make moving a breeze, we handle everything from start to finish. We can come to your home and pack all of your belongings or simply move all of your pre-packaged belongings if you prefer. We can even pack things like your fragile china and keepsakes, carefully wrapping them with paper, placing them in boxes and labeling those boxes with the rooms where they will return. Packing can be the worst part of any move. By handling the packing for you, it allows you to wrap up your affairs such as selling your house or completing your last few days at work.

After packing all the belongings, we can load it onto the truck and drive it to your new home. With our service, you never have to worry about taking furniture apart, struggling to load heavy objects onto a truck, or finding a way to make the cross-country trip while also transporting your personal vehicles. You can simply focus on getting your cars and family to your new home while we handle everything else.

We will give you a set date to expect us at your new home. Once we arrive, we will begin the process of unloading. We can put all the boxes into the appropriate rooms and bring the furniture in. We can also set up the furniture and even unpack for you if necessary. This means that you can focus 100 percent of your attention on your family and your new job, rather than the actual moving process.

If you want to handle much of this on your own, having us simply unload the truck and move everything, we can do this as well. Just let us know how much help you want when you call our office.

Business Movers Prevent Disruption to Your Operation

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As business movers, we have an important role to play when a business is relocating by preventing stalls in business operations. Since a day or week without an office can make it impossible for your employees to work and customers to be taken care of, this is critical for your overall profitability.

Consider how much money you can lose if your team is not able to complete work due to the move. What happens if it took weeks to organize your new office? If the very thought of this causes you stress, it is a good idea to hire a moving company. Otherwise, your staff may be spending all of their time settling into your new location.

Plan for a Successful Move

When moving your office it is wise to plan ahead. We recommend that you call and schedule a meeting so that we can come to your existing location, discuss what you are trying to accomplish, and how you want your new office set up. By walking your current office, we can make a map of where everything is located currently. This will allow us to label everything. For example, "office #1 belongs to HR" so everything from that office can be labeled accordingly.

With the layout of your new office, we can track who will be occupying each office at the new location and move everything to the right spot before your team arrives. It is also possible for us to move each box, desk, and chair into the right office so that your team does not have to spend any time sorting through boxes to find their belongings.

How Business Movers Can Help You

We can do as much or as little for you as you like. Some of our services include:

  • Dropping off boxes ahead of time. If you want your employees to pack their own personal possessions, we can drop off boxes before the move so that they can do so.
  • Packing for you. We can pack up your entire office on moving day and label each box so that it is easy to locate at the new office. This ensures that your staff does not spend any time away from their normal job duties.
  • Moving furniture. We move all of the big items, taking them apart as necessary so that no one in your office is inconvenienced. This is also beneficial from a worker's compensation perspective. Your employees could injure themselves by becoming involved in the move, creating unnecessary issues for your company.
  • Moving all of it. We can load everything into the truck and take it to your new location. We often recommend that this is done on a Friday so that everything can be in place and ready for your employees Monday morning.
  • Set-up. Packing and moving is only the start. Once we have taken everything to your new office we will unload it and move it into the correct location as discussed during the planning sessions. Once there, our team can reassemble furniture and make sure it is in the correct place. We can even unpack smaller items if you would like to do so. Otherwise, each box will be in the correct location so that your staff can take a bit of time on Monday morning unpacking.

As business movers, we can handle your move from start to finish and avoid any interruptions to work flow. To discuss our services in greater detail call and schedule a consultation.

Planning Tips for Working with Specialty Movers

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There are several reasons that individuals and businesses hire specialty movers. As one, we take a great deal of care when working with our clients to develop a plan to move their most precious possessions. When it comes to specialty and expensive objects, a plan must be created to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely. It is not enough to simply show up on moving day and put things in boxes. Instead, by creating a plan, we ensure that everything is in place so that your most precious items get where they need to go without incident or worry. After all, we understand that with your most precious possessions, that means far more to you than their actual worth. We understand that their value is intrinsic and this makes it critical that they arrive in perfect condition.

Create a Plan Prior to Moving

When hired, we will work with you to create a comprehensive plan to ensure that your specialty or high-value items are moved according to your wishes. Here are some things to consider:

  • Are the objects insured? While we take the best care to provide for their safety, it is still wise to have your most valuable possessions insurance
  • How fragile are they? It is necessary for us to provide the right type of packing materials to ensure their complete safety. If you have specific requests or things that we should know, that will give us an idea of what we can do ahead of time
  • Does this item need to be moved with security? If you are moving something that is incredibly expensive, you may want to do it with the help of security. In this case, we can have a security team work with our specialty movers to ensure that nothing happens along the journey. This tends to be more common in situations like moving family jewelry or high-value pieces of art
  •  Are there specific time frames involved with the move? When moving specialty objects that need to be coordinated with a gallery opening, a special event at a home or property, business plans etc. we have to time everything perfectly. If this is the case, we need to be aware so that we can ensure your specialty items are there when you need them
  •  Does anything need to occur so that the property is ready to receive your special items? Very often we are coordinating with household staff, assistants, etc. to ensure that everything is ready for the object to be set in place once it has arrived on site

Hiring Specialty Movers

Regardless of whether you need to move art, jewelry, furniture, or your most prized possessions, we have the team ready and available to assist you. As specialty movers, we can move virtually anything, large or small, with or without security. Do not hesitate to call us with your requests no matter how obscure they seem to be, and we will do our best to create a plan and accommodate you. Keep in mind that moving unique or specialty items can take some additional planning so the sooner you can call us the better.

Ways to Make Your Corporate Relocation Easier

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A corporate relocation can be a very big deal, especially if you are upsizing or downsizing your office location. Packing and unpacking takes time, and anything that is not packed properly could end up being damaged before it gets to your new space. In addition, with a corporate move, you want to make sure that some of your key items are easily accessible once you get to the new location. For example, you do not want the entire office staff hunting for the copier while trying to satisfy customer orders. We can move and unpack you, so that this is never an issue.

The best thing you can do with a corporate move is to make sure you get an estimate, a checklist, and detailed advice from our company. We will come in, give you an estimate of how much the move will cost, and help prepare you and your staff for the big move. It is important that you listen to us, as we will give you the best advice to save you time and money. Corporate moves are a very specific type of move, and we are well versed in how to successfully transport an office and its staff from one location to the other.

The first step of a corporate relocation is to walk through the office and give you ideas and tips on moving. For example, one common mistake that people make is believing that they have to empty out all the filing cabinets because they will not be able to move unless the filing cabinets are empty. While this is a great way of applying conventional thinking, it may not be necessary, and you may be able to empty the two top drawers of a four-drawer lateral to prevent damaging the cabinet. It is important that you bring up all your questions and embrace all the options and procedures for moving things like artwork, office equipment, or something else that may be easily damaged, in order to prevent any unnecessary risk.

Any corporate relocation efficiency is your friend. You want to make sure to take advantage of any tools that are available to help you streamline your move. For example, individual cardboard boxes have rapidly been replaced by reusable plastic totes and tubs that are far easier to handle. If you think about a cardboard box and all the effort that goes into packing it, it makes sense that plastic totes or tubs would be far more efficient. You no longer have to go through all the rolls of tapes and stacks of cardboard boxes that have to be assembled before the move, and then broken down and trashed after you are done moving. Plastic totes make it plain and simple to move by allowing your employees to simply place everything into the plastic bins, close them, and put an identifying label on them. Once the bin has been transported to the new location, the employee can easily locate the plastic bin that belongs to them, pull out all the items, and finish their part of the corporate relocation

Ultimately, if you want to move with very little inconvenience, we can handle everything from the packing to the moving, and unpacking for you.

Making Your Move Easier: Tips from Moving Companies

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As moving companies go, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with the most seamless move possible. Part of this comes from our experience as a moving company and ensuring that the customers know exactly what to expect as they move houses. We know that moving can be an extremely stressful time for the family, particular for children and pets.

Tips for Moving with Children

One of the easiest things to remember about a move, which will help make your life significantly easier with the children, is to ensure that you do not pack their favorite toy and instead, let them take it with them on the trip. Parents often feel that the move is an excellent opportunity to get rid of some of the extra toys that the children have accumulated. It is important to remember that your child is already feeling stressed, and any removal of a favorite toy could lead to added stress for them and for you. While this does not necessarily fall under the purview of moving companies, we know that providing you with these kinds of easy and simple tips could help make your move far easier. Here are a few more helpful hints to plan your move successfully.

Scheduling Makes Things Easier 

Any good moving company will tell you that scheduling is one of the keys to a successful and seamless move. You want to ensure that you make your reservations for the moving company to come out at least two to four weeks before the actual day of the move. Similarly, you want to make sure to schedule disconnect times for about a week before you move, if possible. You do not want to pay and accept bills for your phone, utilities, and cable when you are no longer living at the old residence. While you are in the process of scheduling your disconnect at the old house, you should also make sure to schedule the service to be installed for at least a week or several days before you arrive at the new location. This will allow you to move into the new house and have all the gadgets and gizmos you need.  The moving company's job is to make sure we move all your belongings from location A to location B. Everything else will be up to you, so we highly recommend that you make a moving day list.

Final Tips

Once our crew arrives, things will start to move at a rapid pace. You may want to consider packing a box of essential items that you will need immediately after the move and make sure it is the last thing added to the truck. You should also bear in mind that it is against the law for moving companies to transport hazardous materials such as bottle gases, gasoline, ammunition, explosives, or any other flammable items. If you plan on moving any of these, you should pack them in your personal vehicle before or after the move.

Remember that we can pack everything for you, move you, and even unpack. As a result, we can make your move as easy as you want it to be.

Relax and Hire Affordable Long Distance Movers to Do the Heavy Lifting

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A long-distance move requires the assistance of long distance movers.  There are many people who dream of just hitting the open road and moving to a destination far away. In today's society, this dream has become far more plausible with the availability of employment and housing even in the most distant locations. However, if you are planning a long-distance move, there are certain factors that you will need to take into consideration. Among these is how you are going to transport all of your valuables, and your household possessions, from the location you are currently living across the long distance, to your new home.

Getting Help is More Affordable Than You Think

Too many people believe that the best option is to simply do it themselves, and never even take the time to price out the affordability of hiring long distance movers.  Further, if you are considering a long-distance move, with you doing all the moving, you need to factor in the inconvenience of having to pack up all your stuff, the inexperience you have with hiring the right truck from the right trucking company, and even whether or not you are going to lose valuable possessions because of a lack of experience with packing them securely.  All of these should factor into your final decision as to whether you need to have a long-distance moving company help you move or you want to do it all yourself.

We Can Pack for You

There are certain inherent advantages to hiring our company as your long-distance movers. The first and foremost among these is the ability to get all of your stuff packed by the professionals. Did you know that packing alone is going to account for approximately a quarter of your entire moving expenses?  And that's just the financial pitfall of doing the packing yourself. Most people who pack boxes themselves end up purchasing or acquiring, way too many boxes. Stuck with far more than they need, they typically then decide that they need to fill them all with stuff.  This hodgepodge arrangement of packing often results in breakages and damage.

In addition to the cost, people who choose not to use long-distance movers will also spend weeks packing, whereas if they had hired our company it would only take us a few days to get all your stuff put away and taken to the new destination.

We Make it Easier to Access Your Belongings 

One of the largest complaints about the inconveniences of moving that people have is the inability to access their stuff because it is packed away in boxes. Using long-distance movers can help you alleviate this problem.  If that wasn't incentive enough, when you have long-distance movers you are hiring professionals  who put the safety of your belongings as a foremost concern. Your personal belongings are most likely going to be insured by you, giving you a level of peace of mind. In addition, we are going to be using devices like heavy-duty wrapping, which most self-movers do not even know about, much less use, for all furniture and plastic covers which will help avoid damage and shield your stuff from exposure to the dust and dirt as they make the long journey.

Local Movers: Benefits to Hiring Our Company

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Did you know that local movers are used far more frequently than long-distance movers? This is because people frequently change their houses or offices within the same location, the same town, or even the same state and have a use for local movers. This is much more frequent  than moving across the country.

It is always advisable to use local movers when you are moving your home or your office to a new location. While many people believe that the distance influences their need for a mover, the basic concepts of moving do not change whether you are moving across the street or across the country. First among these is the need to protect your stuff and ensure that it moves from one location to the other without any form of damage, exposure to the elements, or getting lost. There is no doubt that many people are able to achieve this of their own accord, however for most people it is far more advisable to simply hire a local mover who can do the job quickly, efficiently, cost effectively, and while providing you with a peace of mind so that you can focus on other things involved in the move.

The Advantages of Hiring Our Company to Move You

When you hire local movers to come and move your home or office to a new location, one of the distinct advantages they offer is the use of the right equipment. When you choose to do it yourself, during a home or office move locally, you are going to rely on being able to rent equipment or, even worse, borrowing the equipment from friends and family. To do it yourself is a fair idea if you have access to the right equipment, which most people do not. Borrowing a truck from your relative is not going to give you access to all of the moving equipment that you are going to need. As your local mover, we are going to use tools like appliance dollies, ramps, custom built trucks, hoisting straps, two-wheel and four-wheel dollies, and air ride cushions to transfer your belongings in a safe and secure manner. Whether you are going across town or across the street, the damage that can happen to your belongings without the use of the right equipment is mitigated by working with our company.

There is another advantage to using local movers that most people do not even take into consideration. This is the fact that we are intimately familiar with the locality you are moving out of and the locality you are choosing to move into. Because we are a professional moving company we are very thorough at running local area checks, to ensure that we can park the trucks and keep them parked for the amount of time it takes to load and unload all of your belongings.  Additionally, we are going to make sure that they use the easiest route to get in and out of your locations. All of this makes it so that your belongings are transported in a safe and secure manner, getting to the destination on time.

Tips from Professional Movers on Preventing Damage During Your Move

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It's amazing how as professional movers, we get asked all the time what the best way is to protect your breakables and valuables when you are moving houses or offices. A simple answer is to hire us as your professional moving company. While that answer may seem to be slightly self-serving, one of the best ways to protect your valuables and ensure that your breakables will make it in one piece is to hire someone who understands the work entailed in moving somebody. As professional movers, we will ensure that we protect your property to the best of our ability.

There are certain steps you can take that will help us move you faster, help protect your breakables, and give you relative peace of mind as the move is happening. We also understand that moving can be an extremely stressful experience, and so here are a few tips you should incorporate into your move.

Create an inventory: The very first thing you should do is create a comprehensive inventory of all your stuff. Making a list of all your items will give you peace of mind knowing that if you lose something, you will be immediately aware of it. In addition, it allows you to create lists to go into specific boxes and will help you discard something you may not want to take on the move. If you don't have sufficient time to create an entire inventory, another option is to take photographs of your possessions before they are packed away. As professional movers, it is always helpful to us if our clients have an inventory.

Keep small items and things like jewelry on your person: If you are going to use a professional movers company, it is always highly recommended that you hang on to things like paperwork, jewelry, and smaller items that can travel with you in your own vehicle. This allows you to quickly locate an item that has extreme value and also gives you a level of peace of mind. In addition, small items can easily get lost if they are packed into boxes and put into the back of a professional movers’ truck. Finding the grand piano may not be a challenge, but finding your favorite set of pearl earrings could be slightly more difficult if you are moving an entire house and both of them are packed into the same space.

Self-Packing Tips: If you decide that you want to do some of the packing beforehand, which many people using professional movers prefer to do, it is important that you follow a few general rules. First, you should always invest in solid boxes that will not rip, tear, or dump the contents on the floor as they are being moved. Secondly, do not overfill the boxes or make them extremely heavy, which makes them difficult to transport to and from the professional movers’ truck. Finally, plates, glasses, and bowls are probably the most likely things to break during the move, so we recommend that you wrap each of these individual items in at least two, preferably three, sheets of newspapers and stack them together for added protection.

Again, if you want to move everything safely, the easiest thing to do is give us a call.  We can get you there in one piece and make the process of moving far easier. 

Hire Our Moving Services and Let Us Take Care of the Details

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Hiring a moving services company can be one of the most intelligent decisions you can make when planning a big move. Everybody knows that moving can be extremely stressful. Packing up the entire house, making sure you didn't miss anything, preparing the house for the new owners, and then worrying about the location you moving to are just a few of the things that add to a person’s stress when considering a move. Most people we speak to understand that having to move without the assistance of a moving services professional can be an additional stress, as you have to worry about packing things up, unpacking them, moving things into a truck, hiring the trucks, and all kinds of other nuances that go into moving.

We Take Care of the Details 

Once you hire a professional moving services company, you no longer have to concern yourself with any of these minor details. It is important that you have the right moving company, so all your stuff gets there in a timely manner and the costs remain within due bounds. As a moving company, we even work with people who have to move all the time, like people in the military, and once you have used a moving company, you will never go back to wanting to move your stuff by yourself again. Here are two of the main reasons why people prefer to work with a moving company, rather than struggling to figure out if their favorite couch will fit through the doors of the new place.

Convenience: Convenience is the number-one reason why people use a moving services company. Once you have signed the agreement, set up the dates and times for your pickup and delivery, and packed up some of your smaller and more valuable possessions, you no longer have to worry about any of the details of the move. This allows you to focus on your extremely personal belongings, like your clothes and spending the time you need to get your family ready for the move. It also allows you to focus on things like your job, daycare, school for the kids, and all of the other small details that make moving so stressful. Removing the concern of having to worry about trucks, boxes, and other moving essentials provide a large degree of convenience for people who use moving services professionals.

Professional Care: It is perfectly possible, since people do it all the time, to move yourself. However, in the event that you move yourself, you will have to deal with all the issues that come with moving without the professional training and expertise a professional mover has. As a professional that specializes in moving services, we know exactly how to move all your stuff in the quickest, most experienced, most cost-effective way possible and with the least amount of breakage. Protecting your assets, ensuring that the move is smooth and seamless, and getting your stuff to its destination exactly as it was picked up is part of the professionalism you can count on when you have us as your moving service.

When you are planning a move, let us handle the details so that you can focus on the bigger issues like getting your family settled in your new home.