6 Business Moving Tips from a Moving Company near Norcross

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Moving Tips

Call a moving company near Norcross if you need to relocate your office. With the economy doing well, many of our business customers are growing and needing to expand into larger spaces. This is incredibly exciting and represents a business opportunity to grow, capture additional market share and even increase profitability.

However, moving is not easy and presents its own unique set of complications. If the move is not handled correctly, it can negatively impact business operations. This is why it is important to create a clear and concise plan and work with a company such as ourselves to ensure that the move is completed quickly and efficiently.

Here are some pro tips for moving your business

Tip 1. Hire a third-party

This is absolutely critical. Yes, we realize that it may sound slightly self-serving since we are a moving company but, one of the worst things a company can do is have existing internal employees handle moving. Think about it. They already have a job to do. Whether that job involves managing customer accounts, packing product for shipping, managing the books or running marketing, they already have a full-time job. Taking them away from that job to handle things like packing will only put them behind on the things that are supposed to be generating revenue for the company. In other words, the loss of productivity to the company is usually going to be more expensive than it would be to hire a third-party moving company.

Tip 2. Move on the weekend

We are very aware of the importance of preventing a disruption to business operations. Because of that, we suggest moving everything on the weekend so that employees can go to the new location Monday morning and get to work. Naturally, this requires significant coordination with the IT company and utilities but if everything is handled correctly, everyone should be able to show up on Monday morning and either immediately or very quickly begin with their normal routine. This is ideal for productivity, customer service, and profitability.

Tip 3. Move one division at a time

In a rather large company, it may be possible to move one division at a time so that people are staggered. This can also help to limit business disruption by creating a contingency plan. For example, if it takes longer for IT to get set up, there will still be people who can handle emergency customer requests.

Tip 4. Create diagrams and maps

We always recommend creating a diagram or map of the current office set up and the new one. This should include clear labeling for where each employee office is currently located and where it will be in the new location. This can be easiest to do using a number system. Then, everything in that office can be labeled with that employee's number. It allows us, as a moving company near Norcross, to then place the correct objects in their new location. This one step can significantly decrease the likelihood of there being confusion during and after the move. It also ensures that everyone continues to use their favorite office chair.

Tip 5. Give the IT department plenty of warning

Set clear expectations for the IT department for when the transitions need to take place. They will come up with their own timeline. That information will then need to be translated to the moving company to ensure that all of the electronic equipment they need is on site when they are ready to begin connecting everything to the network.

Tip 6. Warn customers

Even the best plans can sometimes fall short. It is a good idea to warn customers that the move is coming so that if they call on the day of or after the move and are not able to immediately get through to someone, they will be more understanding.

Call for help

As a moving company near Norcross, we are happy to assist with all aspects of your business move. For help creating a plan that will work, give us a call.