5 Tips for Picking Quality Movers

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Quality Movers


If you are considering making a big move, hiring quality movers will make the process far easier. Given how stressful a move can be either across the country or town, having help will make it possible to remain calm throughout this new adventure. The trick is finding the right mover to help with the process.

Once you have the correct team in place, the process of moving becomes far more relaxing. Here are 5 tips for picking quality movers:

#1. Hire a licensed company

Plenty of people will offer moving services on the side to pick up extra cash. One may see ads on Craigslist or online from various people offering assistance at an hourly rate. These contractors may or may not do a good job. Since they are not licensed, insured, or have an actual business, there is no way to know what type of job an unknown mover will do.

With nothing to lose, they can be careless with one's belongings and can lose items that the homeowner cannot recover. This is a risk one does not have to take by using a licensed and insured company. Their license and reputation are on the line if they fail to meet common business standards, creating a sort of guarantee regarding the quality one will receive.

#2. Check their experience

A company that has been in business for a decent amount of time or has completed numerous moves, has the experience necessary to do a good job moving you. If a company cannot provide information about their experience, this should be a red flag.

#3. Read reviews

Check the reviews online to see what type of reputation a moving company has. If the reviews are mixed, go ahead and ask the company about anything that is negative. You may find out that something that bothered someone has been fixed or that it might not be an issue for your particular situation.

Overall, online reviews can give a basic understanding of what a company is like to work with.

#4. Determine what services they offer

For a company to be quality movers they not only need to do a good job but they also need to provide the services you require. Some moving companies simply drive the truck across town or across the country. Others will box up your entire home, load everything into the truck and unload at the next location.

Determine what level of moving assistance you require and when speaking with a company, ask if they offer those services.

#5. Check prices

The lowest bid is not always the best. Compare prices and determine if you are getting a good value for the services being offered. Quality movers are unlikely to undercut their prices but should be giving you a fair bid. Any bid should be in writing and a reputable company will welcome questions, expand on anything as needed and work with you to arrive at a service/cost arrangement that is fair.

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