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Avoid Moving Burnout: Hire a Local Moving Company in Norcross

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As a local moving company in Norcross, we hear from a lot of people who thought a local move would be easy and it turned into a total nightmare. This is actually incredibly common. Many people think of a move in terms of how far they actually have to go. In other words, if the move is cross-country, it will be hard. If the move is in the same neighborhood it will be easy, etc.

In reality, moves are difficult no matter how far the geographic distance between the two homes happens to be. In fact, it makes very little difference whether the home is in the same neighborhood or five states away. Driving the truck may take longer but local moves are just as difficult because the work of the move is not just driving the truck. This is why it is far better to hire a local moving company like ourselves. We can handle everything so that you do not have to.

We can even help people move within the same building

Sometimes people living in condos or apartments will move to another unit in the same building. Even then, moving can be incredibly difficult. In fact, it can be even harder because the expectation of it being a "real" move is not there. Often, people will spend a month moving from one unit to the next because they break it down into small pieces every day. This is actually a horrible way to move because it means that the move is never over. it is far better to hire a moving company to take care of everything in one day and be done with it.

Why is moving so hard?

To truly understand the benefit of working with a local moving company in Norcross, it is important to think about what makes moving so hard in the first place. Typically, the struggle comes from needing to pack everything up, break down furniture, load everything into the truck and then do the opposite at the other end. Packing alone can be incredibly time-consuming and difficult to squeeze into a busy schedule that involves work and taking care of the family.

Of course, there is also the physical burden of needing to pick up and move heavy furniture. Unless everyone in the family is built like The Rock, moving the couch and entertainment center may simply not be possible. Even trying can lead to an injury so it is better to simply get help from the beginning.

Hiring a local moving company in Norcross is affordable

Hiring someone to move you and your family is more affordable than you may think. Many of the people who call us for a quote are surprised to find out how affordable it is in comparison to them taking time off of work to handle the entire move themselves. We will be happy to give you a hand and provide more information. Just call our office as soon as you are ready to start the moving process.

6 Business Moving Tips from a Moving Company near Norcross

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Call a moving company near Norcross if you need to relocate your office. With the economy doing well, many of our business customers are growing and needing to expand into larger spaces. This is incredibly exciting and represents a business opportunity to grow, capture additional market share and even increase profitability.

However, moving is not easy and presents its own unique set of complications. If the move is not handled correctly, it can negatively impact business operations. This is why it is important to create a clear and concise plan and work with a company such as ourselves to ensure that the move is completed quickly and efficiently.

Here are some pro tips for moving your business

Tip 1. Hire a third-party

This is absolutely critical. Yes, we realize that it may sound slightly self-serving since we are a moving company but, one of the worst things a company can do is have existing internal employees handle moving. Think about it. They already have a job to do. Whether that job involves managing customer accounts, packing product for shipping, managing the books or running marketing, they already have a full-time job. Taking them away from that job to handle things like packing will only put them behind on the things that are supposed to be generating revenue for the company. In other words, the loss of productivity to the company is usually going to be more expensive than it would be to hire a third-party moving company.

Tip 2. Move on the weekend

We are very aware of the importance of preventing a disruption to business operations. Because of that, we suggest moving everything on the weekend so that employees can go to the new location Monday morning and get to work. Naturally, this requires significant coordination with the IT company and utilities but if everything is handled correctly, everyone should be able to show up on Monday morning and either immediately or very quickly begin with their normal routine. This is ideal for productivity, customer service, and profitability.

Tip 3. Move one division at a time

In a rather large company, it may be possible to move one division at a time so that people are staggered. This can also help to limit business disruption by creating a contingency plan. For example, if it takes longer for IT to get set up, there will still be people who can handle emergency customer requests.

Tip 4. Create diagrams and maps

We always recommend creating a diagram or map of the current office set up and the new one. This should include clear labeling for where each employee office is currently located and where it will be in the new location. This can be easiest to do using a number system. Then, everything in that office can be labeled with that employee's number. It allows us, as a moving company near Norcross, to then place the correct objects in their new location. This one step can significantly decrease the likelihood of there being confusion during and after the move. It also ensures that everyone continues to use their favorite office chair.

Tip 5. Give the IT department plenty of warning

Set clear expectations for the IT department for when the transitions need to take place. They will come up with their own timeline. That information will then need to be translated to the moving company to ensure that all of the electronic equipment they need is on site when they are ready to begin connecting everything to the network.

Tip 6. Warn customers

Even the best plans can sometimes fall short. It is a good idea to warn customers that the move is coming so that if they call on the day of or after the move and are not able to immediately get through to someone, they will be more understanding.

Call for help

As a moving company near Norcross, we are happy to assist with all aspects of your business move. For help creating a plan that will work, give us a call.

Moving Services for Young Families

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If your family is growing, consider using our moving services when moving into your new and larger home. Many of the clients we help are young families who have found that their current home is no longer big enough. As they have more children, it can become necessary to move out of a condo or small starter home into something that is significantly larger.

While finding the right house is exciting, it can also be incredibly stressful because with a new house comes the need to move. The moving process is difficult for pretty much anyone but especially for a family with young children, it can be even more challenging. Doing things like packing while also taking care of an infant or toddler can be nearly impossible. With kids running around, needing to be held and requiring constant attention and supervision, there truly may be zero time to handle the preparations that are necessary to move.

This is where we come in. Our services are comprehensive and we can handle everything from start to finish so that mom and dad can focus on their family's needs instead.

Our services

Our moving services include the following

1. Packing

A lot of parents of young children think that they will have time to pack and quickly get overwhelmed when they begin to realize just how much "stuff" they have accumulated. Everything from the 20 bins of toys to baby gear, bedding and more can create boxes and boxes of items that need to be packed. Doing so while also supervising young children can be truly impossible. We can handle all the packing, labeling each box appropriately so that it is easy to place things where they belong in the new home.

2. Breaking down furniture

A lot of furniture needs to be broken down before it can actually be moved. Finding the time to do this can be difficult, especially for people who need to be at the office Monday through Friday. Our experienced crews can come in and disassemble all the furniture, keeping things in the right place so they can easily be reassembled at the new home.

3. Loading and unloading the truck

Loading the truck may have been easy when moving into the house without kids. Trying to manage this process with young children running around, however, is an entirely different story. It is far too easy for them to get in the way, run out in the street when people are busy carrying furniture or simply to slow things down. Instead of risking this frustration, we recommend hiring our company instead. We can load the truck and then unload it at the next location.

4. Driving the truck

Most families have more than one vehicle, making driving the moving truck even more of a challenge. How will personal vehicles get to the new home if someone is driving the truck, for example? To make it easier, we can drive the moving truck so that homeowners can drive their personal vehicles. This is especially important if the new homeowner is going to be moving into the property as soon as the family moves out.

Getting a family settled

By driving, unloading everything and assembling furniture, we make it possible for the family to focus on getting settled in their new home and simply enjoy the excitement of being there. This is important because it truly is an exciting thing. A growing family having a home that is going to fit them and meet all their needs is something to look forward to.

Unfortunately, because the moving process can be so cumbersome, this exciting event often turns into something that is very stressful. It does not have to be and with our help, it will not. We recommend that any young family use our moving services to ensure that the transition to their new home is as enjoyable as possible.

Why Young Families Should Hire Home Movers

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We are home movers that help a lot of military families to move after being stationed at a new base or moving once released from duty. Our military families will often move numerous times over the course of her career, sometimes once every 2 to 3 years. Moving this frequently can be difficult and it can be exhausting. Many of the families that contact us have tried to move before and have been entirely worn out by the process. Fortunately, we can help and by doing so, we make it easy to get settled into a new home without feeling exhausted.

Where is the family going to be stationed next?

We can handle cross-country moves so it really does not matter which base the family is stationed at or where they are going, our professional movers can get the job done.

How quickly does the move need to take place?

We have worked with military families that knew well in advance what their next orders were going to be but also help to move families that have been told that within a matter of weeks, they need to move. In both scenarios, our services make it easier to plan, pack and move the family into a new home.

Moving a family takes a lot of work

As home movers, we understand that the actual packing and moving of belongings is just a small part of what goes into a move. Families also need to:

  • Get medical and shot records from the family physician before moving, then identify a new doctor
  • Get records from current schools and enroll children in new ones
  • Decide what to do about the existing house, whether renting it or putting it up for sale
  • Find a new home to rent or purchase
  • Discontinue services with the existing utility companies
  • Set new services with utility companies at the new home

These things are in addition to getting acclimated once at a new home and finding things like the closest grocery store, park and urgent care clinics just in case one of the kids get sick. This is a lot to handle and a lot to coordinate. Doing this while also trying to pack every box and worry about how belongings and furniture are going to get from point A to point B can be incredibly overwhelming and stressful. Without help, the experience can be truly horrible. This is why we recommend people hire our services. We can handle moving the contents of the home so that the family can focus on moving themselves and making the other important transitions.

Services we provide

When military families hire us to move them, we can do the following:

  • Pack the entire house, labeling each box appropriately
  • Breakdown furniture
  • Load the truck
  • Drive the truck to the new home
  • Unload everything
  • Reassemble furniture
  • Unpack

We can do all or a portion of these services, depending on what a family's needs are.

Get help from home movers today

Do not live with the stress of trying to handle everything on your own when help is available. Our services make it so much easier to get to your new home and will be happy to help in any way necessary. To get a quote or to discuss your needs in greater detail, give us a call.

Businesses Who Have Hired Us for Commercial Moving Help

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Plan for your next business move with help from our commercial moving company. We help all sizes and types of businesses move to their new location without any hiccups.

Any type of business move is challenging because it is necessary to move everything required to run the operations for the company and to move everything that the clients see. This is not always the same and so we must take into account what to prioritize and how to be as efficient as possible to ensure that the company's image is maintained and work is completed. We understand the important role that we play as a commercial moving company and welcome requests for all of our moving services.

Moving help for retailers

Retailers have the biggest challenges when it comes to moving because it is necessary to be completely operational and have a set up that allows for customers to come and shop without delay. Even losing one retail day can result in a significant loss of revenue; so it is critical that everything is coordinated ahead of time and that the move takes place without any issues so that revenue projections can be met - especially given moving costs.

We help retailers to move and be up and running immediately. Very often this is the type of job that will take more than one day. We may begin by removing one portion of the store so the business remains running but there are fewer things to move at any given time. We will help to create a plan to determine what should be moved when so that there is minimal disruption to business. The goal is ultimately to have at least one shop operating and preferably two. Regardless of the size of the retail business, our services make it possible to get open quickly and begin serving customers.

Moving help for restaurants

A restaurant moving to a new location can sometimes be closed for weeks at a time. This creates a significant loss of revenue, one that can be avoided with our help. As a commercial moving company, we help restaurants to move in a way that allows them to be open quickly, sometimes even the next day.

Doing things like putting the decor in place first can sometimes make it possible to keep the restaurant open until the very last minute while the kitchen fixtures and furnishings are moved. If this is done overnight and all throughout the next day, it may mean only being closed for one day.

Moving for offices

Commercial moving services also help to move people from office to office, either within an existing building or to a new building altogether. It is wise for businesses to hire our services because it means that existing employees will remain focused on serving the needs of clients and keeping the business operational. Asking employees to help with moving, as many companies do, only causes delays and can lead to problems with customer satisfaction. We recommend keeping employees focused on the task at hand and allowing us to do the heavy lifting.

Prevent workplace injuries

Regardless of the size of business, it is important for management to remember that asking employees to help with the moving process in any way can create a dangerous situation that could result in workplace injuries. To avoid this risk and the likelihood of paying a higher worker's compensation premium, consider hiring our professional moving company. We can take care of everything for you.

Call for a quote today

We invite you to contact our company and receive a quote for commercial moving services to see how affordable it is to hire help.

Hire Movers Near Norcross to Help You with a Smooth Move

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When looking for movers near Norcross, we invite you to call our office to learn more about our services. We understand that moving your family is something that is incredibly important and sometimes stressful. It can take years to find the perfect living room set, painting to hang on the wall and to accumulate everything that turns a house into a home. We appreciate that each piece of furniture and each decoration could be part of a family's greater story.

We know that every single thing must be handled with an incredible amount of care. This is the benefit of hiring a professional moving company. Your family will be working with a team of movers that knows how to move everything in a way that will ensure nothing is damaged and everything is handled extremely carefully. When asking neighbors, friends, and family to help, there is no guarantee that such care will take place.

Hiring movers near Norcross means that your friends and family will like you more

It may sound funny to say but few people like to help other people move. It is one of the worst chores that friends or family members can ever be asked. It is backbreaking work, takes all day or several days and can completely dominate the weekend. Ask someone for help moving and they may use all types of excuses to get out of it. Then, the ones who do help may get burned out and hesitate to help again. It is far better to avoid this type of social awkwardness by simply hiring movers to handle everything.

With movers, it is possible to relax and focus on more important things

When professional movers handle the packing, truck loading, transportation and unpacking of the entire home, it becomes possible for homeowners to focus on moving other things like transporting vehicles, children, and pets.

It is even possible to relax. For example, we handle a lot of cross-country moves where once the truck is packed, homeowners take a flight or leisurely drive across the country while we move furniture on the big truck. By unpacking everything and placing it in the correct rooms, our customers can simply walk in and enjoy living life, rather than dealing with the moving process. This is truly the best and most relaxing way to move.


When weighing out the financial pros and cons of hiring a moving company, it is important to consider a few important facts.

1. Homeowners that handle the entire move will typically need to take time off of work.

Is that time going to be paid? If not, how much money will be lost? In most cases, families find that it is financially beneficial to simply hire a moving company.

2. What will the financial impact be if moving heavy furniture causes an injury?

Few people think about the risks associated with moving. However, there are many. For anyone who is not accustomed to moving large and heavy objects, the risk of becoming injured is high. An injury can then lead to time missed from work and medical bills. In most cases, it is not worth the risk.

We can help

As professional movers near Norcross, we help to transform the moving experience into something that is pleasurable, easy and safe. We help families to move more than just their belongings. We help families to move their home and everything that they hold dear. This is something we take very seriously and we are proud of the work we do and the customer service we provide.

To experience the benefits of working with our company, we encourage you to call our office and discuss your moving needs today.

Plan Ahead and Hire Residential Movers

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If you are planning to move this year, hiring residential movers can make that move a whole lot easier. Moving is something that few people have time to do right. What we mean is that because of how much work goes into moving, many people find that they only have the time to throw everything into whatever boxes are handy, load a truck haphazardly and then fill up the garage at the next location. That leads to things being lost, everything being disorganized and boxes sitting in the garage for years. In fact, pretty much everyone knows someone who has boxes stored in the garage for years after moving. Preventing that from happening begins before the move ever starts. It begins by hiring a professional moving company.

Plan for success

We know a successful move starts in the planning phases. This is why we recommend homeowners call us when they are considering a move so that we can begin discussing ways to ensure that it goes smoothly. It is never too early to call us.

Organize before leaving

To prevent total and utter chaos at the new home or apartment, it is important to organize before leaving the current one. We recommend that people take time to get rid of things that they really do not want or need. Other than that, we can actually help to pack up in an organized fashion. As residential movers, we can visit a home, put everything in a box in a nice and organized way and label it based on the room where it should go in the new house.

Proper labeling and organization make it easier to unpack once there. It also allows us to keep all boxes grouped together to ensure that nothing is placed in the wrong location at the new house. This makes it unlikely that random boxes will be placed in the garage without anyone knowing where they go or what they contain.

If there are specific organizational requests, such as creating a list of what is in each box, we can accommodate that special request as well.

Residential movers can do the heavy lifting

Homeowners who use our services find that it is far easier to move because we can handle the details and the heavy lifting. We can:

  • Organize
  • Pack everything
  • Take apart furniture
  • Wrap up valuables
  • Load the truck
  • Drive the truck
  • Unload everything in place it in the appropriate room
  • Build the furniture

Because we handle all of the physical requirements associated with the move, it allows homeowners to handle things like organization and unpacking. Our team can even help to unpack if that is necessary. This team approach makes it possible for a family to completely unpack and settle in rather quickly. Instead of living in a sea of boxes and digging through them every time someone needs a spatula or bar of soap, it then becomes possible to start settling in and living in the new home.

Many of our clients find that they are comfortable right away and thankful for the help in allowing them to do so. This type of seamless transition is important for anyone but especially for those who have small children or someone who needs to immediately get back to work.

Our services are affordable

Anyone who thinks that residential movers are not affordable or too expensive should give us a call. When compared to the amount of time a person needs to take off work to handle everything themselves and the stress involved with it, our services are affordable and smart. To learn more about what we do and how we can help you, give us a call today.

5 Things Experienced Movers Want You to Know

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There are several things that experienced movers want to know. As one, we believe that the more informed our clients are, the easier the move is going to be. With that in mind, we welcome anyone to call us and ask questions. In the meantime, here are a few things to consider.

#1. Not all movers are created equal

Too frequently, homeowners think that all moving companies are going to be the same. This is not true. Far from it. Someone offering moving services on Craigslist is not going to have the same level of experience as a professional moving company like ourselves. Additionally, they are not necessarily going to be as responsive. As a company, we have a reputation at stake. If we do not show up or do not show up on time, it can hurt our business. With someone who is providing random contracting services, this risk does not exist because they are simply looking to pick up a few extra bucks on the weekend. As a homeowner, this should give you confidence when hiring a company over a random contractor.

#2. Plan ahead

As much as possible, it is wise to plan ahead. Before moving day, having hired a professional moving company and spoken about the plan will allow things to go far more smoothly when it comes to the actual moving day. For example, there needs to be a detailed plan in place regarding who is going to be handling all of the packing, organizing, heavy lifting and driving of the truck. This is not something that should be thought of last-minute but planned for as far in advance as possible. We understand that sometimes, it is not possible to avoid moving quickly, such as with changes due to employment. However, if there is an advance warning, it is wise to use that warning to create a detailed plan.

#3. Be there but let the movers do their job

The entire point of hiring experienced movers is to be able to have trustworthy individuals handle the move. Once you have found and hired them, it is important to stay out-of-the-way and let them do their job. While it may be necessary to provide direction from time to time, experienced movers such as ourselves do this on a daily basis so we are quite literally the moving experts. This means that if we are doing something in a way that is not how a homeowner would do it, it is typically because we have done it enough times that we know it is the most productive and effective method.

#4. Do not be afraid to communicate

In order to handle what needs to be done, it is also important to speak clearly about any expectations or specific requirements. For example, if there are certain items that need to be handled with care, speak up. This allows for them to be handled properly and ensure that they are safely transported to the new home. Likewise, if there are specific instructions that need to be followed regarding where the moving truck is placed or how the home is to be accessed, it is important to clearly articulate those directions. The more we know, the better we will be able to meet and exceed all service expectations.

#5. Do not pack things in furniture

One common mistake that homeowners make when packing is to place things inside of furniture. This is a mistake that can lead to furniture and other items breaking during transportation. We recommend that homeowners do not do this but carefully pack everything in the appropriate boxes instead.

Save time, money and energy by hiring experienced movers

The best way to ensure that your move is successful and goes smoothly is to hire an experienced moving company. We are one and would be happy to assist you. Call today to learn more about our services and to request a quote.

Office Movers Can Handle Your Inter-Office Move

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Hiring office movers makes it much easier to move offices or to reshuffle divisions within a current office complex. For example, if one division is growing and requires new office space, it may be necessary to move people to new locations in the building, this is something that we can help with. By handling inter-office moves, we make it possible for employees to focus on their job duties instead of becoming distracted.

Planning for an inter-office move

If there is going to be a major reorganization of where people are located within an office, it is important to carefully plan for how it will be done. We suggest creating a diagram of the entire office, including each floor, labeling each office or cubicle and then assigning them to individuals.

There will need to be two basic diagrams. The first will need to document where everyone is located currently. The second will need to document where everyone will be once the move is complete. This allows our moving team to know where to pick up furniture and personal effects and where to deposit it.


Employees may wish to pack their personal effects and files on their own. If so, it is important to give them boxes a couple of weeks in advance to make the process easier. We can provide them if requested. Otherwise, as office movers, we can pack up each office for the employee, label everything accordingly and place it in their new office. This makes it possible for them not to worry about the process at all but to focus strictly on their work. How we proceed is entirely up to the organization but our services do extend to packing when requested.

Order any new furniture well in advance

If the move is going to involve any new furniture or the creation of new cubicles, it is important to order everything in advance. New furniture can be stored in one central location and we can move it to the correct office on the day of the move. Giving plenty of time for the furniture to be delivered is wise since any delay could prolong the moving process.

Engage tech support and IT

Anyone who is in charge of IT for the organization will need to be informed of the move in advance. They will need the same diagrams to ensure that everyone has access to the internet and that the phone systems are transferred accordingly to ensure that there are no mixups with calls being routed to the wrong place. They may also need to provide direction on how long it will take for these switchovers to be complete.

Schedule the move over the weekend

The best way to prevent any delays in operations is to hire office movers and then to schedule the move for over the weekend. We can come in and start the process on a Friday afternoon so that it can be completed by Monday morning. With the proper planning in place, it is possible to do this, even with larger moves. To ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, we will want to meet with the person coordinating the move to walk the property and review the diagrams well before that Friday. This way, everyone is on board and ready to go as soon as the green light is given.

Stay efficient

The biggest reason to hire office movers is the ability to remain efficient and focused without becoming distracted by the move. We make this possible by providing professional and thorough moving services. We can handle the inter-office move from start to finish and make it easy to get everyone settled in their new location. To discuss these services in further detail, call our office today.

If You Hate Moving, Hire House Movers

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If you are planning a big move next year, be sure to hire house movers to make the entire process easier. Moving can be incredibly difficult and if it is on the horizon for the coming year, instead of looking on the new year with excitement, there may be a feeling of dread. The good news is we can help to eliminate that feeling and make the move an exciting endeavor. By handling the hard work and the heavy lifting, we make it possible to look forward to a new adventure instead of being focused on the amount of work it will take to get there.

Hate moving?

We understand. Most of our clients hate moving. It is something that few people look forward to, even when it is for a good reason such as moving into a dream home. The process can be overwhelming and not very enjoyable so this tends to be the overwhelming focus for many families.

We eliminate the stress and the pressure

To turn something that can be difficult and do something enjoyable, we offer comprehensive services as professional house movers. We can handle the move from beginning to end, allowing homeowners to relax and maybe even have a little bit of fun with the process.

Our services

As house movers, our services are as diverse as the needs of our customers. We can do as much or as little as is necessary to make the move easy. Some of our clients hire us to handle everything while others only need us for driving a truck long distance. With that in mind, we can create a custom bid based on the needs of each person who calls. Some of the services that can be included are:

#1. Packing

Packing for a move can take a considerable amount of time. This is one service that our clients tend to be surprised that we offer because of how time-consuming it can be. However, we know that if we can handle the packing and the sorting ahead of time, it will make the move far easier for our clients, so we are happy to do it. We can visit a home on the day of the move and start packing or come considerably earlier in order to get it out of the way. This will be determined during the initial conversation about our clients' needs. When we pack, we sort everything by room and label all the boxes to ensure that at the new location, it is easy to unload and access.

#2. Breaking down and packing furniture

One of the most difficult things with any move is how to handle the furniture. Typically, some furniture will need to be disassembled in order to get it out of the home. Others simply need to be picked up and carried into the truck with several people due to how heavy and awkward they are. Regardless of the size, shape or type of furniture, our crew can carefully pack and move it.

#3. Moving heavy or awkward pieces

Things like pool tables and pianos often get left behind during a move because of how difficult they are to get into the truck and into a new home. As house movers, we have experience moving these awkward, heavier specialty pieces and can provide assistance moving them.

#4. Loading the truck

We will load everything into the truck, packing it carefully and ensuring that everything is protected during the journey.

#5. Driving the truck

We can drive the truck whether this is across town or across the country.

#6. Unloading the truck

Once we reach the new destination, we can unload the truck and place everything in the right room based on how the boxes are labeled.

Call to learn more

We can provide more information on our many services and give you a bid. Working with our company will make the process of moving far easier, whether one or all of our services are selected.