Business Movers Prevent Disruption to Your Operation

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Business Movers


As business movers, we have an important role to play when a business is relocating by preventing stalls in business operations. Since a day or week without an office can make it impossible for your employees to work and customers to be taken care of, this is critical for your overall profitability.

Consider how much money you can lose if your team is not able to complete work due to the move. What happens if it took weeks to organize your new office? If the very thought of this causes you stress, it is a good idea to hire a moving company. Otherwise, your staff may be spending all of their time settling into your new location.

Plan for a Successful Move

When moving your office it is wise to plan ahead. We recommend that you call and schedule a meeting so that we can come to your existing location, discuss what you are trying to accomplish, and how you want your new office set up. By walking your current office, we can make a map of where everything is located currently. This will allow us to label everything. For example, "office #1 belongs to HR" so everything from that office can be labeled accordingly.

With the layout of your new office, we can track who will be occupying each office at the new location and move everything to the right spot before your team arrives. It is also possible for us to move each box, desk, and chair into the right office so that your team does not have to spend any time sorting through boxes to find their belongings.

How Business Movers Can Help You

We can do as much or as little for you as you like. Some of our services include:

  • Dropping off boxes ahead of time. If you want your employees to pack their own personal possessions, we can drop off boxes before the move so that they can do so.
  • Packing for you. We can pack up your entire office on moving day and label each box so that it is easy to locate at the new office. This ensures that your staff does not spend any time away from their normal job duties.
  • Moving furniture. We move all of the big items, taking them apart as necessary so that no one in your office is inconvenienced. This is also beneficial from a worker's compensation perspective. Your employees could injure themselves by becoming involved in the move, creating unnecessary issues for your company.
  • Moving all of it. We can load everything into the truck and take it to your new location. We often recommend that this is done on a Friday so that everything can be in place and ready for your employees Monday morning.
  • Set-up. Packing and moving is only the start. Once we have taken everything to your new office we will unload it and move it into the correct location as discussed during the planning sessions. Once there, our team can reassemble furniture and make sure it is in the correct place. We can even unpack smaller items if you would like to do so. Otherwise, each box will be in the correct location so that your staff can take a bit of time on Monday morning unpacking.

As business movers, we can handle your move from start to finish and avoid any interruptions to work flow. To discuss our services in greater detail call and schedule a consultation.