Call Specialty Movers for Help With Your Estate

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Specialty Movers

Specialty-Movers20164As specialty movers, we help people move their estate. A traditional moving company may do an excellent job packing up your clothes and belongings, but if you have rare antiques, a collection of fine art, or very breakable and fragile furniture, you need a moving company that understands how to treat your special items with care. We do because we understand how important they are to you. Some things cannot be replaced; you cannot buy them at Target if they become cracked or chipped in the move. We understand this and are diligent about taking the steps necessary to protect your belongings.

As specialty movers, we are often called to:

#1 - Pack up and move an estate after someone has passed.

When a parent or relative has died and had a variety of beautiful furnishings, paintings, antiques, or collectibles, those items will be disbursed to the heirs. They need to be carefully packed and shipped. Even if they are all going to one heir, they still need to be prepared to be moved. We can do this for you and by doing so, take off some of the pressure felt by the estate’s executor.

#2 - Move large estates when families are relocating or downsizing.

Whether you have recently build a grand family home or your children have left and you are moving to a penthouse in the city, we can be trusted to move all of your belongings. Our experienced team knows how to gently handle your furniture and your fine art and how to pack and protect it so nothing is nicked, scratched, or broken during the move. This level of high care includes wrapping everything so nothing is exposed. It also requires placing some objects into protected crates so no items are stacked on top of each other.

#3 - Delivery of rare or expensive objects.

As specialty movers, we can also assist you in collecting and transporting objects you have purchased. Some of our clients, for example, will call after purchasing new furniture from an auction house or buying a new art collection from a gallery in town. We can get your new belongings safely home so you can begin to display and enjoy them.

Why You Should Call Specialty Movers

If you are concerned about your belongings getting safely where they belong, you need a moving company that is experienced in how to transport fine art and furniture without damaging them in any way. As a moving company, we pride ourselves on the ability to do so and we have a system in place for ensuring that this happens. We know how to wrap and protect everything, how to store it for transportation, how to ensure that everything is tied down and secured so it cannot move in transit, etc. These are things we think about and plan ahead for, whereas a traditional mover may only be concerned with getting things from Destination A to Destination B. If you want the best, call RMC movers for assistance.