How Your Corporate Relocation is Handled Matters a Great Deal

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If your office is moving, you should hire a corporate relocation team. This is a significant business event that if handled correctly can lead to improvements within the company, the image of the company and even employee morale. However, if the move is not handled well, it can create a level of stress and anxiety among employees and even customers. It is important to take steps to plan for the corporate relocation accordingly.

How you handle your corporate relocation matters

Employees and customers will be watching to see how the move is handled and what the impact of it is. Those who see everything going smoothly and without a hitch will have confidence in management and the ability of the organization to rise to the occasion and meet challenges as they are presented.

If it is chaotic and leads to immense amounts of confusion, employees may lose respect and confidence in management. In other cases, customers may go elsewhere for their products or services. After all, a move cannot slow down the business or result in time delays without negatively impacting customer relations. People must coordinate with suppliers, vendors, and go over logistics ahead of time so everything can function smoothly once the move takes place.

Image is important

In most cases, companies make a corporate relocation to a facility that is better, more prestigious, larger or more modern. With a bump in the image and potential prestige, it is important the move goes off smoothly. With a smooth transition, people will perceive the move as a positive thing among all involved in the company.

Make the right hiring decision

Choose a company to handle the corporate relocation that has experience in this area, is licensed and insured and can provide references. Our company can. We are highly skilled at ensuring the corporate move goes off without a hitch. We understand how important it is for a business to move without complications and get up and running immediately.

Fast is not as good as immediate so we do everything we can to plan for how the move will take place ahead of time. This includes meeting with management to discuss the process and expectations. We can also:

  • Box up each office
  • Label everything so it is delivered to the correct spot in the new location
  • Tear down furniture
  • Carefully pack and move electronic equipment
  • Pack the moving trucks, drive them and unload
  • Place all furniture, boxes, and equipment in their correct location at the new offices
  • Build furniture
  • Set up the office according to instructions

Essentially, we can handle the move A to Z so that internal staff can focus on things like alerting customers to the changes, getting the utilities and internet turned on, working with IT providers, etc. With fewer things to worry about, the internal staff can focus on doing their jobs.

Call us today for help with your corporate relocation

We can help your move go smoothly and ensure that it is a positive experience for the entire company, one that everyone can look forward to. For help with your relocation, call and speak with our office today.

Avoid Stress During a Corporate Relocation by Working with a Professional Moving Company

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A corporate relocation can be extremely stressful for the management, the staff and even for customers of said business. For employees and employers, the idea of a corporate relocation can fill them with dread. 

Putting off a corporate relocation 

A recent study by E.ON shows that three-quarters of small and medium-sized businesses find the idea of moving their corporate location so stressful that they will put off or cancel the process altogether. The study also finds that 78 percent of managers choose to stay in a cramped or inefficient building rather than dealing with the stress of a corporate relocation.

The good news is that there are ways to make a successful office move and avoid dealing with a great deal of stress. One of the most important things that a company can do is break down all of the moving parts into bite-sized and checklist tasks that the employer can allocate and distribute among the staff.

Hire a professional corporate relocation specialist 

Corporate relocation companies have the expertise and advice that can make the move far easier. Proper professional assistance is crucial when making a large corporate move that involves an entire office, warehouse or mixed-use complex relocating to a different building. When hiring a trusted moving company, it is an investment in safeguarding the company from the critical mistakes that are far too easy to make by moving without professional assistance. Using a corporate relocation professional company ensures that all equipment is safely transported to the new location and gives clients access to experienced professionals who can guide you through every stage of the process which can further reduce stress.

Floor plans and collaboration 

A simple way to avoid the confusion that often accompanies a corporate relocation is to draw up a comprehensive floor plan. By assigning team members their new desks in advance, you will ensure that the team knows exactly where they are going and can deal with unpacking their own individual items.

By the same token, it is also important to ensure that staff is well briefed as the corporate relocation is planned. Involving the staff in the process, keeping them informed of the plans and clearly communicating expectations with the staff during the move can help avoid any potential disruptions. Remember, this is a team that is used to working together and by collaborating, the corporate relocation can be far less stressful for the team that is moving.

Plan in advance 

Make a plan, hire a professional, and stick with the plan as you go through the corporate relocation process. It is always helpful to discuss your plans with our company. As a moving professional, we can help tweak and improve your plans so that when moving day does arrive you are completely ready to go and not dealing with small, but pesky, problems that could create undue stress.

Ways to Make Your Corporate Relocation Easier

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A corporate relocation can be a very big deal, especially if you are upsizing or downsizing your office location. Packing and unpacking takes time, and anything that is not packed properly could end up being damaged before it gets to your new space. In addition, with a corporate move, you want to make sure that some of your key items are easily accessible once you get to the new location. For example, you do not want the entire office staff hunting for the copier while trying to satisfy customer orders. We can move and unpack you, so that this is never an issue.

The best thing you can do with a corporate move is to make sure you get an estimate, a checklist, and detailed advice from our company. We will come in, give you an estimate of how much the move will cost, and help prepare you and your staff for the big move. It is important that you listen to us, as we will give you the best advice to save you time and money. Corporate moves are a very specific type of move, and we are well versed in how to successfully transport an office and its staff from one location to the other.

The first step of a corporate relocation is to walk through the office and give you ideas and tips on moving. For example, one common mistake that people make is believing that they have to empty out all the filing cabinets because they will not be able to move unless the filing cabinets are empty. While this is a great way of applying conventional thinking, it may not be necessary, and you may be able to empty the two top drawers of a four-drawer lateral to prevent damaging the cabinet. It is important that you bring up all your questions and embrace all the options and procedures for moving things like artwork, office equipment, or something else that may be easily damaged, in order to prevent any unnecessary risk.

Any corporate relocation efficiency is your friend. You want to make sure to take advantage of any tools that are available to help you streamline your move. For example, individual cardboard boxes have rapidly been replaced by reusable plastic totes and tubs that are far easier to handle. If you think about a cardboard box and all the effort that goes into packing it, it makes sense that plastic totes or tubs would be far more efficient. You no longer have to go through all the rolls of tapes and stacks of cardboard boxes that have to be assembled before the move, and then broken down and trashed after you are done moving. Plastic totes make it plain and simple to move by allowing your employees to simply place everything into the plastic bins, close them, and put an identifying label on them. Once the bin has been transported to the new location, the employee can easily locate the plastic bin that belongs to them, pull out all the items, and finish their part of the corporate relocation

Ultimately, if you want to move with very little inconvenience, we can handle everything from the packing to the moving, and unpacking for you.