Relax and Hire Affordable Long Distance Movers to Do the Heavy Lifting

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A long-distance move requires the assistance of long distance movers.  There are many people who dream of just hitting the open road and moving to a destination far away. In today's society, this dream has become far more plausible with the availability of employment and housing even in the most distant locations. However, if you are planning a long-distance move, there are certain factors that you will need to take into consideration. Among these is how you are going to transport all of your valuables, and your household possessions, from the location you are currently living across the long distance, to your new home.

Getting Help is More Affordable Than You Think

Too many people believe that the best option is to simply do it themselves, and never even take the time to price out the affordability of hiring long distance movers.  Further, if you are considering a long-distance move, with you doing all the moving, you need to factor in the inconvenience of having to pack up all your stuff, the inexperience you have with hiring the right truck from the right trucking company, and even whether or not you are going to lose valuable possessions because of a lack of experience with packing them securely.  All of these should factor into your final decision as to whether you need to have a long-distance moving company help you move or you want to do it all yourself.

We Can Pack for You

There are certain inherent advantages to hiring our company as your long-distance movers. The first and foremost among these is the ability to get all of your stuff packed by the professionals. Did you know that packing alone is going to account for approximately a quarter of your entire moving expenses?  And that's just the financial pitfall of doing the packing yourself. Most people who pack boxes themselves end up purchasing or acquiring, way too many boxes. Stuck with far more than they need, they typically then decide that they need to fill them all with stuff.  This hodgepodge arrangement of packing often results in breakages and damage.

In addition to the cost, people who choose not to use long-distance movers will also spend weeks packing, whereas if they had hired our company it would only take us a few days to get all your stuff put away and taken to the new destination.

We Make it Easier to Access Your Belongings 

One of the largest complaints about the inconveniences of moving that people have is the inability to access their stuff because it is packed away in boxes. Using long-distance movers can help you alleviate this problem.  If that wasn't incentive enough, when you have long-distance movers you are hiring professionals  who put the safety of your belongings as a foremost concern. Your personal belongings are most likely going to be insured by you, giving you a level of peace of mind. In addition, we are going to be using devices like heavy-duty wrapping, which most self-movers do not even know about, much less use, for all furniture and plastic covers which will help avoid damage and shield your stuff from exposure to the dust and dirt as they make the long journey.

Packing Tips From Long Distance Movers

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Long Distance Movers

Long Distance Movers

If you are moving across the state or even the country, long distance movers can help ease the process. Instead of feeling extra stressed trying to pack everything into your vehicles or borrowing cars from friends and family, hire long distance movers to do the hard work for you. We can free up your time so you can focus on the details of your move— like labeling items accurately, determining what order you would like your belongings packed in, and getting everything settled as far as school, work, and bills go at your new home. We hope these packing tips will make your experience even quicker and more enjoyable.

Pack Several Light Items in a Large Box

From our experience as long distance movers, we have learned that many people waste a lot of space with small boxes filled with light items. If you combine several light boxes or light items in one large tub or box, it will stack more easily into the truck, and you will have fewer items to keep track of. Don’t waste valuable space with knickknacks, but label a large box full of items instead.

Keep Prized Possessions With You

While we have plenty of experience keeping your belongings safe, we always recommend that our customers keep their most prized possessions in their personal vehicle. If items like old family photographs and videos, precious jewelry, and expensive technology are with you, you can better keep an eye on them and keep them out of the elements more successfully. You can also ensure that no one breaks into your vehicle to steal them.

Remove Breakables From Larger Pieces of Furniture

If you are moving a china cabinet or even a lamp, you may want to consider removing glass cabinets and light bulbs before packing the furniture in tightly. You can keep more fragile items like glass or fine wood in a designated area so it won’t get mixed in with more sturdy furniture like couches and fridges that could harm it.

Secure Your Pets

Pets get excited about moving too. As long distance movers, we have become accustomed to making new furry friends when we help our customers pack. We want your pets to be safe, so instead of allowing your dogs (or cats) to run around excitedly, risking getting hit by the moving truck or tripping someone who is carrying a heavy object, tie them up or take them in a room where the door can be closed to protect them.

These tips are only a few that we can offer you when you call us to learn more about how long distance movers can help you successfully transition into a new home and life. Even if you have moved several times, the long distance movers at our company have done it more— we can guarantee it. Leave packing techniques and carrying delicate and cumbersome loads to the professionals. Call or visit today to learn more about how we can help you move more quickly and efficiently.