Moving Tips from Professional Office Movers

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office-movers7As office movers, we can provide you with tips for how to make your next move easier. Moving can be challenging regardless of who you are. However, for a company, it presents an even bigger problem. If the move takes too long or there are significant delays in getting set up, it can lead to delays in operations.

Moving tips from office movers

By not serving customers, revenue can be lost, customers can be dissatisfied and a loss of business may occur. These issues are something that no business wants to deal. Hiring us makes it possible to prevent many of these challenges.

We can come in and help every step of the way, making it possible to move quickly so that there are no operational hiccups. In the meantime, we can provide some ideas and strategies for making the move as easy as possible. Here are a few ways to make moving easier.

#1. Start planning early

Most people wait far too long to begin planning a move. It is wise to begin planning even months in advance. Planning early allows for the time to create office diagrams identifying where each employee will be going in the new facility. By assigning each area or office a number term, it is then possible to label everything appropriately.

Everything will go to the specific location. Otherwise, employees can spend days or even months hunting for boxes that should have gone to their appropriate office. 

#2. Involve the team

Make this a team effort and delegate accordingly. It is wise to assign certain team members certain tasks for the move so that no one is overwhelmed and there are checks and balances in place. For example, one team member can coordinate the cleanup of the old office while another team member is responsible for being for directing the move at the facility.

#3. Schedule the utilities to go live before moving in

Most people wait to set up utilities until the day before or the day of the move, which is a costly mistake. As a business that needs to stay in constant communication with customers, it is important to know that the utilities will be necessary as soon as they open.

Call the utility companies a month in advance to schedule the install of electricity, phones, and the internet for as quickly as possible. Since there is typically a delay for when they can do this, it is crucial to call ahead. It may even take an entire month to get everything ready.

#4. Hire movers

The best way to make an office move easily is to hire our company to move for you. We can handle the packing, organizing, physical moving and even put everything in the correct office at the new location. Our team of professional movers also knows how to disassemble and reassemble furniture. As such, it is possible for your employees to have little involvement in the move and continue to maintain operations.

Get the help you need

Rather than handling everything on your own, call for help. As professional office movers, we can provide the assistance you require to reach your new location and be up and running quickly.

Office Movers Can Coordinate with Tech Support

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Office Movers


As office movers, we can help our clients make a smooth transition to a new office location. Other times, we can get emergency calls from companies who are in need of desperate help after a failed attempt to handle everything on their own. We recommend that you call us from the very beginning so that we can help your move to go smoothly.

The Biggest Problem with Moving Your Office

Downtime and a loss of productivity are typically the biggest problems with an office move. If a move is not coordinated properly, you can lose days and even weeks of productivity as your employees have spent time packing, moving, and then searching for everything at the new location. When you combine this with a lack of internet or utilities or waiting on tech support, it can become incredibly cumbersome and difficult for your team to do their job. This can result in your customers waiting for help and customers not receiving the support that they require in order to continue working with your company. Avoiding this risk is wise and we are here to help to make sure that your move goes smoothly.

One of the ways that we can assist you is to coordinate and prepare for your tech support. While we will not be the one to set everything up with them, what we can do is work hand-in-hand with them to ensure that everything is in place so that when they come to hook up the computers, set up the printers, and connect the phone systems, they have the ability to walk in and look at everything that they need. This can save you a critical amount of time. Considering how costly it is to hire tech support, you certainly do not want them waiting around for boxes to be unpacked.

We can visit your current office and create a plan with you for how to handle the move. We can then pack up office by office. This means putting everything in boxes including personal items, phones, and computers, etc. By appropriately labeling everything, we can then move those boxes and items into the correct offices at your new location. If you have a map and can label it in regards to which employee goes where that would certainly be of assistance. By the time that tech support arrives, we can have the desks put back together, the computers on the desks and the phone systems there as well.

This will allow tech support to walk in and begin immediately to wire everything and connect your devices to the server they are setting up for you. Your employees will be able to walk in the next morning or day after and begin to take and make phone calls, work on their computers, print documents, etc. They will be able to focus on your customers and doing their jobs instead of scrambling to put things together.

Call for Help

We are professional office movers and can assist you with all of your moving needs.