How Your Corporate Relocation is Handled Matters a Great Deal

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Corporate Relocation


If your office is moving, you should hire a corporate relocation team. This is a significant business event that if handled correctly can lead to improvements within the company, the image of the company and even employee morale. However, if the move is not handled well, it can create a level of stress and anxiety among employees and even customers. It is important to take steps to plan for the corporate relocation accordingly.

How you handle your corporate relocation matters

Employees and customers will be watching to see how the move is handled and what the impact of it is. Those who see everything going smoothly and without a hitch will have confidence in management and the ability of the organization to rise to the occasion and meet challenges as they are presented.

If it is chaotic and leads to immense amounts of confusion, employees may lose respect and confidence in management. In other cases, customers may go elsewhere for their products or services. After all, a move cannot slow down the business or result in time delays without negatively impacting customer relations. People must coordinate with suppliers, vendors, and go over logistics ahead of time so everything can function smoothly once the move takes place.

Image is important

In most cases, companies make a corporate relocation to a facility that is better, more prestigious, larger or more modern. With a bump in the image and potential prestige, it is important the move goes off smoothly. With a smooth transition, people will perceive the move as a positive thing among all involved in the company.

Make the right hiring decision

Choose a company to handle the corporate relocation that has experience in this area, is licensed and insured and can provide references. Our company can. We are highly skilled at ensuring the corporate move goes off without a hitch. We understand how important it is for a business to move without complications and get up and running immediately.

Fast is not as good as immediate so we do everything we can to plan for how the move will take place ahead of time. This includes meeting with management to discuss the process and expectations. We can also:

  • Box up each office
  • Label everything so it is delivered to the correct spot in the new location
  • Tear down furniture
  • Carefully pack and move electronic equipment
  • Pack the moving trucks, drive them and unload
  • Place all furniture, boxes, and equipment in their correct location at the new offices
  • Build furniture
  • Set up the office according to instructions

Essentially, we can handle the move A to Z so that internal staff can focus on things like alerting customers to the changes, getting the utilities and internet turned on, working with IT providers, etc. With fewer things to worry about, the internal staff can focus on doing their jobs.

Call us today for help with your corporate relocation

We can help your move go smoothly and ensure that it is a positive experience for the entire company, one that everyone can look forward to. For help with your relocation, call and speak with our office today.