Differences Between Moving Companies

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Moving Companies

Moving CompaniesWhen trying to decide between moving companies it helps to consider what types of companies are available to assist you and what services are offered by them. Since moving is such an important life event, hiring the right company to assist is important for a smooth move and transition to the new home. Here are the different types of companies and what tends to be offered by each.

Rental companies

Some companies simply provide the trucks or vans to facilitate the move. While there are a variety of rental rates, the person moving is responsible for everything. The only thing some rental companies provide is a vehicle to transport belongings.


Some companies provide services to help pack the house prior to the move. This can certainly be useful and there are specialists who deal with organization and de-cluttering to make it possible to move in a more efficient way. Some homeowners elect to hire these individuals to make the final unpacking easier.

Day laborers

For those who only need assistance in putting heavy furniture into a moving truck, day laborers can be very useful. People can hire day laborers online or even through a temp agency. The day laborers can work for a couple hours to help with things that are difficult to manage.

Transport only

Some moving companies handle the transportation of goods only. This is becoming a more popular model where a homeowner or renter packs everything into a large device and it is then put onto a semi truck for transportation. This allows for packing to be done slowly and at whatever pace the individual wants. Once the box is ready, the service picks it up and transports it to the new address.

Full-service moving companies

As a full-service company, we can handle every aspect of the move. We can visit a home or apartment and pack everything. With safe packing and proper labeling, it is far easier for homeowners to sort through belongings at the next destination. We can also disassemble furniture for easy transport and load everything into the moving truck. Our team can then drive the truck to the new destination whether that is in town or across the country.

Once there, we can unload the truck placing everything in the correct room and reassemble furniture as needed. This makes it possible to move without having to do any of the actual moving. Since we are a full-service company, we can also do any combination of these things for our clients. With so many options to choose from, clients can custom order the moving services they find most valuable.

Compare bids

When making a decision regarding how to move, it is wise to compare the different pricing options. When money is not an object, clearly hiring us as a full-service company is wise due to how convenient it is. However, most people don't realize that even hiring someone to just transport the goods can be an investment. This sometimes makes hiring a full-service company more affordable when considering the amount of time it saves. That time that could be spent at work earning money rather than taking time off unpaid or wasting valuable vacation days.

For help moving, call our office to discuss your needs and to get a bid.