Home Movers Can Help You to Plan Ahead

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Home Movers

Home MoversMoving is incredibly taxing, but as professional home movers, we can make it easier. For most people, the decision to move is not an easy one. It can take months or even years to find the right home or location. Finding the perfect home is only beginning. The move can be even more taxing and time-consuming than most people plan for. Having been on the side of coordinating moves for years, we know how to plan ahead to make the process far easier.

#1. Think about the timing

There is far more to timing a move than deciding what the move-in date is going to be. The individuals moving need to take steps prior to moving to prepare for the process. How long is this going to take? That depends on several factors including the size of the home. A home that is under a thousand square feet and only two bedrooms will take significantly less time to pack than a 5-bedroom, 3,000 square foot house.

It is wise to plan on the moving process taking an entire day to pack a room if the packing is being done by the homeowner. It takes much less time when we are involved because we bring in a crew that can pack all the rooms up at the same time and is usually done in one or two days.

#2. Get rid of what is unnecessary

When planning a move, taking the time to eliminate objects in the home that are unnecessary is wise. For example, is it really necessary to move a broken couch? is there a box of junk that no one has used in 10 years?These are questions that every homeowner needs to consider because moving unnecessary objects only transfers clutter from one home to the next and the more objects there are to move, the more expensive the move will be. This is an excellent time to start fresh by getting rid of old junk.

#3. Lifting furniture and boxes can be a concern

Many families use our services as home movers because of how difficult it is to move large and heavy objects. The dining room table, king size bed, dressers, mattresses, fireplaces, couches and more can be incredibly heavy and difficult to lift. Without a group of strong and experienced friends, moving can be nearly impossible. There is a risk of injury and it always takes longer than anticipated due to how difficult it is to move such heavy objects. Our crew does this every day, is highly trained and can move without an issue.

#4. Driving the truck

Driving the truck is more complicated than it seems, in part due to the size. It can be difficult for inexperienced drivers to navigate such a huge vehicle in and out of traffic or on a crowded city street. Also, there is the question of how personal vehicles will be transported to a new home if the homeowner is driving the moving truck. This creates an additional challenge and the need to enlist the help of friends or family. When they are not available for a long-distance move, it is far easier to hire home movers and drive personal vehicles yourself.

For help planning your move, call our office.