Moving Services for College Students

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Moving Services


If you are sending your children off to college, consider using our moving services. Getting one child to college can be difficult. If you have several that are college-age, it can be even more challenging. Hiring a company to handle the move allows for you to focus on the emotional and educational needs of your child, rather than making sure that their mattress and futon end up in the right location.

Setting up an apartment

When renting an apartment for a college-age child, they need all new furniture. This includes living room, dining room, and bedroom sets. This is in addition to all of their smaller personal items that make a place feel like home. All of this can take a lot of space and far more than anyone could ever fit into the family SUV. This makes it necessary to rent a moving truck to complete the relocation, whether in town or across the country.

For many parents, this creates a challenge when they also have their own work schedules to coordinate. It is far easier to hire our company to handle the move so parents can gear any available time toward helping a child acclimate a new town and environment. Parents are better off spending time showing them where the doctor's office and grocery store are than carrying a couch up the stairs.

Avoid the confusion by using our moving services

Moving can be chaotic and confusing. Worrying about the move only adds more stress to the situation. Both the child going to school and parents who are going to miss them will feel the stress. It is easy to avoid this confusion by simply using a professional company to handle the heavy lifting.

We handle everything

Our moving services are entirely comprehensive. We can begin to provide assistance in the current home. By coming in and packing everything that is supposed to be moved we make it possible for no one to have to pack a single box. We can even tear down furniture that is going to be moved to the new location. By carefully labeling everything, we will know where it should be unpacked in the new home or apartment.

Next, we can load the moving truck. No one has to worry about throwing their back out while moving the sectional into the truck. If some of the furniture is coming from a local home furniture store, we can go there and pick it up as well. This makes it possible to eliminate the need to coordinate deliveries in addition to the actual move.

We can even transport their car to their new apartment if it happens to be located in a different state and the family wishes to fly instead of drive.

Call today

Regardless of whether your child is going to college across town or across the country, our moving services can get all of their belongings there safely. For help, call today.