Moving Services for Seniors

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Moving Services


Our moving services are available to help senior citizens relocate to their new home. For anyone with a loved one who is considering downsizing or moving to a retirement home, we can help. Age is not a determining factor in hiring our services. We understand how challenging and stressful a move can be. Taking time off work, setting up the new living arrangements, lifting everything to and from the moving van, we can help ease the process.

Here is how our moving services can make the move an easy one.

#1. We do all the packing

Our team is professional, highly experienced, and courteous. We will help wrap all furniture, store all belongings in the box with care and address any concerns one might have. a client simply has to let us know if there is anything that he or she wants to stay behind so that we do not pack it. Otherwise, we will load everything onto the truck.

#2. Everything is labeled correctly

Boxes are labeled with the name of where they came from or are going. This makes it easy to locate what is needed when arriving at the final destination. Anyone who has moved knows how difficult it can be when one is desperately searching for something important and cannot find it. We will leave the box in the labeled room upon arrival at the new home.

#3. We load the truck

We can save the family and neighbor's backs by loading the truck. Heavy furniture is not a problem for us whether one has heavy furniture or millions of boxes needing to be moved. We will load everything in the truck and do it precisely so that the client does not have to lift a finger.

#4. We drive the truck

Driving a big truck is stressful if has never driven one before or is worried about traffic. We can safely drive all the belongings to the new home so that one does not have to worry about anything. This is part of our moving services and we are happy to handle it.

#5. We unpack for you

We will ensure that all furniture is unwrapped and placed in the proper location. A client can provide us with written instructions, pictures of how they want things set up, or direct us in person and we will ensure that the furniture and personal items are exactly where they belong. This is one of the best aspects of our moving services because it allows you, or your loved one, to walk in the door, feel at home and just enjoy. Nothing makes moving easier than that.

To learn how we can help you during your next move, call today.