Utilize Our Moving Services & Movers in the Greater Atlanta Area

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RMC offers a wide variety of moving services. Whether you are a moving a house, apartment, or business, these are the ways in which we can help!

  • Packing: We offer packing services for all moves. With our perfected packing techniques, we can safely and efficiently pack any and all items in ways suitable for moving truck transportation. Packing supplies include boxes, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, tape, and wrapping paper.
  • Overflow Packing: If you start to pack and realize that it is a larger undertaking than you assumed, or simply do not have the time to finish, we can pick up right where you left off! Using our proven supplies and techniques, we can make sure all of your items are boxed and packed appropriately.
  • Loading: Each of our employees are trained in the art of packing a truck. Like a puzzle, it can be tricky to make each box, each piece, fit safely and securely into the truck, while still optimizing space. This is why we consider loading techniques a priority in our training program. Blankets, shrink wrap, and tape are included in every move, free of charge, for large item protection purposes.
  • Final Walkthrough: Once the loading process is complete, customers (if available) will join movers in a double check walkthrough to ensure that all items have been loaded onto the truck. This service is included in all moves, free of charge. Feeling at ease is important during a move, and this is one small way we can help our customers achieve that feeling.
  • Transportation: Properly licensed drivers will transport your things to your end destination. We select from the most careful, experienced drivers to ensure a successful trip for all of your belongings.
  • Unloading: At RMC, unloading a moving truck is not simply getting the boxes and items from the truck into the new location. Unloading includes placing the boxes and items in their proper locations at your new destination. Organizing your belongings in a new space can be one of the largest hassles of moving. This is just one way we hope to ease some of the moving stress for you.
  • Unpacking: We understand that packing can be tedious, so we offer a spectrum of unpacking services. Whether it is simply removing the packing materials for you to organize your belongings on your own time, or placing each and every item in its desired position, we can help.
  • Cleaning: After you have moved out of a place, there is one final step in closing that chapter: making it look like new for the next person or business. RMC can cover this last step for you. Our cleaning service includes vacuuming, washing floors and baseboards, dusting, and cleaning appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves.