Professional Movers Can Get You to School

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professional-movers317Going to college for a BA, or to graduate school, may mean a move across the country. Going to the best possible school is often at the top of the list. If that school is out of state, moving may be the best option. The challenge is in finding a place to live while also moving in before the school year begins. For someone living in a furnished dorm room, this is relatively easy. Since grad students and Ph.D. candidates rarely live in a dorm, they will need to find a house or apartment that they furnish. Professional movers are the best people to help you move your belongings in an efficient time frame and keep them safe.

Size considerations

When moving for school, consider the size of the new space. If it is similar to the size of home or apartment the client currently lives at, we can transport all the furnishings and prevent the need to buy new ones at the new home. If it is smaller, it may be necessary to place some things in storage until school is complete.

Deciding what to move

Once it is clear what belongings we need to move, a professional moving company can visit the current home to pack everything up, load it in the truck and move the belongings to the new home. This is far easier than tackling the entire move without assistance. With the need to mentally and physically prepare for the school year, dealing with the hassle of moving can become a distraction that negatively influences school performance.

Imagine trying to mentally prepare for a semester at a new university while trying to struggle with packing belongings and loading a couch in a truck. Moving is a hassle which can be incredibly distracting and we can reduce the stress one may feel.

Benefits of working with professional movers

The main benefits to keep in mind are:

  • You do not have to pack. We can pack your belongings for you, including packing small objects and labeling the boxes.
  • Furniture is taken apart. If there are large pieces to move like dining room sets, beds, and side tables that come apart, we can disassemble the furniture for you. We will then put it back together at the new location for easy transportation.
  • The truck is loaded by someone else. Furniture and even boxes can be terribly heavy, making it possible to injure yourself if you are not experienced with moving. We can load up and empty the truck for you.
  • Professional movers can drive the truck. One of the biggest advantages is not having to drive the truck, freeing yourself up to drive your personal vehicle to your new home.
  • It is unloaded on the other side. Unpacking your belongings can take time, but it is far easier when someone else is unloading them. We can even place the furniture and boxes in the correct rooms.
  • Peace of mind. It is possible to take a load off and have peace of mind knowing that everything will get where it needs to go without doing it all.

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