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Capstone Customer Program

thumbs up!

Hopefully through getting to know us, you’ve come to believe that customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We truly value our customers and want you to know how much you are appreciated. Our Capstone Customers Program was built to thank our existing customers for taking the time to review and refer RMC. Needing only an email and a name, we track awarded points. The breakdown of earned points is as follows:

  • 1 point: documented review
  • 2 points: apartment move referral
  • 3 points: house move referral
  • 4 points: business move referral

At the 5 point mark, Capstone Customers are able to choose a $50 gift card. The options for the gift card will be included in a congratulatory email when you have reached 5 points.

How it Works

If you like the way we move, write us a review! To get your point, simply take a screen shot or copy and paste the published review (,,, etc.) and send it to our email ( [email protected] ). Upon receiving the email, we will add your points to your Capstone Customer account. For referrals, we ask all customers to fill out an information sheet. On this sheet is a “how did you hear about us” section. All your friend has to do is write in your name and you will get your points!

We Appreciate Your Efforts

We hope this program reinforces how much we value our customers. We want each and every customer to feel taken care of, appreciated, and important. Thank you to those that take the time to write us a review, and thank you to those that enjoyed moving with RMC enough to recommend us to friends and family. We look forward to continuing this relationship with you in the future!