Relocation Specialists Can Do More Than Drive the Truck

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Relocation Specialists


We are relocation specialists. In addition to being professional movers, we work with a lot of people who are moving, exasperated or overwhelmed by the process and need someone to step in and manage the move. Our services involve far more than moving a truck and involves making moves as easy as possible. We can tackle moving jobs that are typically harder or more challenging.

We move large or awkward objects

As relocation specialists, we know how to move large items such as boats, trailers, and RVs. Essentially, our company can move anything that a family has by way of fun or recreational vehicles. This is very important for a family because of how difficult it can be to move the large objects while also trying to move household items and regular vehicles across town or the country.

For example, if there are only two adults in the household and there are already two or three vehicles, there are more vehicles than the adults can move. Moving boats, collector cars and ATVs on top of that can add significantly more stress. By hiring our company to do it, the moving process can be far easier.

Moving heavier household objects safely

We can also move heavy household objects. Pianos, organs and any heavy musical equipment can be virtually impossible for people to pick up and get into the truck. We can move them carefully and place them in the new home, in the correct spot. We can also move everything that makes up a game room.

For example, a billiard table, arcade games, foosball table, and bar can all be incredibly heavy. Not just heavy, these objects can also be awkward and difficult to lift. Rather than risking breaking or selling the objects, we recommend giving our company a call. As professionals, we know how to move everything from the game room safely. We can even set up the object in the new home so that everyone can start playing again.

As relocation specialists, we can also move outdoor equipment. Pool furniture, gazebos, lawn tractors, etc. need to be moved to the new location. These objects can be awkwardly shaped and bulky, making them that much harder to fit inside the moving truck. However, we know what it takes to get them to new home safely and securely.

Creating a plan

A successful move begins with a plan. There must be a strategic plan for what will be moved to the new home, how it will be broken down, packed and physically transported. It takes time to create this level of a plan but it is necessary to ensure that everything can make it to the next location, especially if it is large, overly heavy, a recreational vehicle, toy or something that is awkwardly shaped. Working with relocation specialists makes it much easier to create and execute such a plan.

Call for help

We are available to provide assistance before and during your move. As relocation specialists, we know how to get the job done right.