Get Your Specialty Items Moved with Our Moving Services & Movers in the Greater Atlanta Area

Specialty Moves

Every move has at least one item that is invaluable to the customer. Sometimes a family heirloom, sometimes a new motorcycle, whatever your prized possession is, we are trained to move it.

Pianos are widely recognized as the most stressful pieces to move. Luckily, RMC trains our employees specifically in piano moving. With our professional piano movers, you can be rest assured that this piece will not become a source of stress for you.

Antiques are often fragile and valuable, creating the necessity for flawless packing. RMC’s movers have ample experience packing and loading items that are easily breakable. We employ our successful packing strategy, taking extra care to ensure object safety.

Pool Tables
How do you move a pool table? This is an understandable question that can arise when admiring the stature of one. There is a correct way of breaking down and reassembling a pool table. After numerous moves, we have the process down to a science. You can feel comfortable knowing that your favorite game is in good hands.

A cartoon truck pulling a boat

Automotive and Boating
Vehicles and boats can be difficult to move, simply because of their size. We have effectively moved such items in the past through the use of a trailer. Expertly secured and carefully protected, these large items can be relocated without fear.