Ways to Make Your Corporate Relocation Easier

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Corporate Relocation


A corporate relocation can be a very big deal, especially if you are upsizing or downsizing your office location. Packing and unpacking takes time, and anything that is not packed properly could end up being damaged before it gets to your new space. In addition, with a corporate move, you want to make sure that some of your key items are easily accessible once you get to the new location. For example, you do not want the entire office staff hunting for the copier while trying to satisfy customer orders. We can move and unpack you, so that this is never an issue.

The best thing you can do with a corporate move is to make sure you get an estimate, a checklist, and detailed advice from our company. We will come in, give you an estimate of how much the move will cost, and help prepare you and your staff for the big move. It is important that you listen to us, as we will give you the best advice to save you time and money. Corporate moves are a very specific type of move, and we are well versed in how to successfully transport an office and its staff from one location to the other.

The first step of a corporate relocation is to walk through the office and give you ideas and tips on moving. For example, one common mistake that people make is believing that they have to empty out all the filing cabinets because they will not be able to move unless the filing cabinets are empty. While this is a great way of applying conventional thinking, it may not be necessary, and you may be able to empty the two top drawers of a four-drawer lateral to prevent damaging the cabinet. It is important that you bring up all your questions and embrace all the options and procedures for moving things like artwork, office equipment, or something else that may be easily damaged, in order to prevent any unnecessary risk.

Any corporate relocation efficiency is your friend. You want to make sure to take advantage of any tools that are available to help you streamline your move. For example, individual cardboard boxes have rapidly been replaced by reusable plastic totes and tubs that are far easier to handle. If you think about a cardboard box and all the effort that goes into packing it, it makes sense that plastic totes or tubs would be far more efficient. You no longer have to go through all the rolls of tapes and stacks of cardboard boxes that have to be assembled before the move, and then broken down and trashed after you are done moving. Plastic totes make it plain and simple to move by allowing your employees to simply place everything into the plastic bins, close them, and put an identifying label on them. Once the bin has been transported to the new location, the employee can easily locate the plastic bin that belongs to them, pull out all the items, and finish their part of the corporate relocation

Ultimately, if you want to move with very little inconvenience, we can handle everything from the packing to the moving, and unpacking for you.