Why Young Families Should Hire Home Movers

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Home Movers


We are home movers that help a lot of military families to move after being stationed at a new base or moving once released from duty. Our military families will often move numerous times over the course of her career, sometimes once every 2 to 3 years. Moving this frequently can be difficult and it can be exhausting. Many of the families that contact us have tried to move before and have been entirely worn out by the process. Fortunately, we can help and by doing so, we make it easy to get settled into a new home without feeling exhausted.

Where is the family going to be stationed next?

We can handle cross-country moves so it really does not matter which base the family is stationed at or where they are going, our professional movers can get the job done.

How quickly does the move need to take place?

We have worked with military families that knew well in advance what their next orders were going to be but also help to move families that have been told that within a matter of weeks, they need to move. In both scenarios, our services make it easier to plan, pack and move the family into a new home.

Moving a family takes a lot of work

As home movers, we understand that the actual packing and moving of belongings is just a small part of what goes into a move. Families also need to:

  • Get medical and shot records from the family physician before moving, then identify a new doctor
  • Get records from current schools and enroll children in new ones
  • Decide what to do about the existing house, whether renting it or putting it up for sale
  • Find a new home to rent or purchase
  • Discontinue services with the existing utility companies
  • Set new services with utility companies at the new home

These things are in addition to getting acclimated once at a new home and finding things like the closest grocery store, park and urgent care clinics just in case one of the kids get sick. This is a lot to handle and a lot to coordinate. Doing this while also trying to pack every box and worry about how belongings and furniture are going to get from point A to point B can be incredibly overwhelming and stressful. Without help, the experience can be truly horrible. This is why we recommend people hire our services. We can handle moving the contents of the home so that the family can focus on moving themselves and making the other important transitions.

Services we provide

When military families hire us to move them, we can do the following:

  • Pack the entire house, labeling each box appropriately
  • Breakdown furniture
  • Load the truck
  • Drive the truck to the new home
  • Unload everything
  • Reassemble furniture
  • Unpack

We can do all or a portion of these services, depending on what a family's needs are.

Get help from home movers today

Do not live with the stress of trying to handle everything on your own when help is available. Our services make it so much easier to get to your new home and will be happy to help in any way necessary. To get a quote or to discuss your needs in greater detail, give us a call.