A to Z Moving Tips From a Relocation Specialists

Written by Rosalyn Smith on . Posted in Relocation Specialists

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As relocation specialists, we can help you relocate for work, school, or just for fun. Regardless of whether you need to move your family to take a new job or you are trying an adventure far from home, relocating requires far more than it does to simply move out of the neighborhood or across town. This is why it helps to have a relocation specialist in your corner. We can provide you with a quote and help you get where you need to be without stress and without incident. In the meantime, here are a few moving tips to make the process far easier:

#1 - Ask your employer if they offer relocation assistance.

If you are moving for your current job or are beginning to work for a new employer, ask about relocation assistance. Many employers offer this, and the money can be put to good use to pay for your moving expenses. This allows you to receive the help you need to move and not have to worry about packing and moving on your own.

#2 - Move what you need and get rid of the rest.

Too many people will pack everything in their house, only to find that some of the boxes are never unpacked and take up space in the garage. When you are going through your house, identify things that you and your family no longer need, and sell or give them away. For example, your five-year-old no longer needs their crib or bouncy chair, and if you haven’t played bocce ball in 20 years, there is a good chance you never will. While it does take time to go through your things, doing so will ensure that you are not carrying clutter into your new home.

#3 - Research online.

Once you know where you are moving to, it is time to look for a neighborhood. Conducting research online can help you identify areas with good schools and the amenities you are looking for. Some real estate sites will give you a quick snapshot of what is around the homes you are examining. By narrowing your search down to specific neighborhoods, you will have parameters to give your real estate agent.

#4 - Work with a local realtor.

A local real estate agent can help you find a new home to buy or rent, even if you cannot see it in person. With features like virtual tours and most people having smartphones, your realtor can even walk you through the home remotely. Some people prefer to rent for the first year so they can make sure it really is the neighborhood they want to stay in.

#5 - Hire movers who are

relocation specialists.

We work with individuals, couples, and families who are in the midst of relocating within their state or cross country. Regardless of where you are, we can help. Moving can be stressful, in part because of how much work it is to pack everything up, load the truck, drive it where it needs to be, and then unload it. Overall, that is a great deal of work, and when you are planning for a new job or securing new schools for the kids, that can just add to the stress. As professional movers, we can pack everything, dismantle your furniture, load the truck, move it, unpack it, and even put your furniture back together again.

We can make your move easier and low-stress. Call today to get started.